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AR for Creators

AR technology allows digital artists to create new dimensions of art by bringing their artworks/creations to life. ARize platform is the most artist-oriented AR platform for showcasing 3D animated models in the real environment. But what makes ARize different compared to other AR apps?
In this blog post, you’ll discover valuable opportunities that ARize provides to digital artists and content creators.


Main advantages of ARize platform

Easy to use

The platform is known for its simplicity. No technical background is needed for creating AR experience with your digital artworks. Just a few simple steps to complete and your AR is ready.


The platform is very dynamic, which means you can create AR posts with 3D animated models by uploading them in a ZIP file or by using the link from Sketchfab and Google Poly.



ARize is a social platform which means that artists can promote their artworks easily by sharing them in their accounts. So others can view, follow, like and even purchase their artworks for experiencing them.


ARize provides the opportunity for artists to earn money by selling their creations inside the platform. ARtists can sell a license of viewing and experiencing a certain artwork and make money out of that.


ARtists who are using the ARize AR platform receive excellent support not only from the ARize team but also from the creators’ community. Artists who are familiar with ARize platform are considered to be mentors for other artists who are new to the platform. As a digital artist/creator you will have the opportunity to join a private group where artists are free to ask any question, report bugs and even suggest their ideas.

Technical description

In the new version ARize 3.0, you can find new features as well as optimized features that create an even better user experience for artists and content creators.

Faster than before

All the procedures in ARize 3.0 became much faster. Content loading, trigger scanning and surface detection are much faster and smoother compared to the previous version of the app.

Full transform control

Now you can rotate, scale, and position your content in the desired way. You can make your content as big or small as you wish, fix it in the desired position and axis.


The sharing process of artworks is easier than ever with ARize. Simply by copying the post link and sharing it with others enables them to view the artwork instantly by clicking on the link.

Light estimation and environmental reflection

To enhance the perceptual realism of your AR models and blend them into the real world ARize integrates Light Estimation and Environmental Reflection techniques. Using Light Estimation, ARize takes into account real-world lighting conditions captured by your device’s camera and appropriately illuminates the models in your scene. The Environmental Reflection in its turn captures the scene information from the camera and uses it to reflect the real-life surroundings into the AR models.

Better Statistics

Opportunity to get detailed statistics which includes: - the number of total/unique views, the gender distribution of the viewer - total number of videos, photos, GIFs taken with your AR post - countries from where your AR post had been viewed

All digital artists and content creators are free to use the ARize platform for individual and commercial purposes. ARize offers three types of packages Free, Plus, and Premium. Register to ARize platform as a creator, choose any of the 3 plans mentioned above, and start your AR journey with ARize.