Museum Night in Yerevan with ARize

Interactive Museums, AR in art

This year, the event was covering the ideas of ‘‘Interactive Museums, New approaches, New society’’. ARize also participated in the event, cooperating with Matenadaran and the Museum of Literature and Art named after E. Charents. ... continue reading »

ARize brings Artworks to life

Augmented reality technology

On January 26th in collaboration with municipality of zoetermeer (Netherlands), ARize Bring artworks to life using its Augmented reality technology.Using AR technology in combination with Art..... continue reading »

Augmented Reality For Engineering

Augmented Reality For Engineering

Nowadays, everything that we are interacting with around our self’s is connected to engineering. From a toothbrush that we use to a smartphone that covers most part of our communication in our personal or professional life..... continue reading »

Startup Nights

Startup night

ARize is a social platform based on Augmented Reality, which makes users able to make their own AR content right on mobile without any kind of coding require, with just 3 simple steps,
Choosing Marker,
Choosing Content,
Publish an augmented reality to the world..... continue reading »

ARize Start-Up: Making Augmented Reality Accessible

Maneh Gevorgyan
Creating AR

Creating AR via ARize is as easy and simple as posting on Facebook. There are only three steps - selecting the image, adding content of various formats - photo, video, 3D model - and publishing. If, for example, you scan your target with your phone, then select content from the database (for example a video), and publish it on the ARize platform, then another user, who has the same target, can scan it and see the created video.... continue reading »

Winners of Sevan Startup Summit 2017

sevan startup

AR technology is becoming more and more popular. The existing AR creation tools are hard to use or requiring technical background. ARize in an easy to use AR platform, which allows users to view, create and share AR, posts.... continue reading »


Arpine Matevosyan
future of augmented reality

In the century of technological progress, no one can give a solid answer to this question, but we can somehow get prepared to face the new challenges. And one obvious thing about the future is that augmented reality is going to be an essential part of our life... continue reading »


Arpine Matevosyan
augmented reality creation and viewing platform

Have you ever thought that one day you may have the possibility to realize all your imaginary ideas? Guess what? Now ARize gives you that opportunity. ARize is an easy to use augmented reality creation and viewing platform... continue reading »