How to engage more customers through ARize AR platform.

AR for businesses

Regardless of the type of business you're in, there's probably an AR use case. Businesses that want to stay on the cutting edge should at least, consider if augmented reality could fit in their organizations. The concept of “Try-before-you-buy” is the most popular option that businesses can benefit from. Many well-known companies are already implementing AR technology giving their customers a chance to try out any item virtually without visiting the physical store. It works with businesses so well since it can solve major problems with customer experience in terms of engagement, i.e., creating an emotional connection between your customers and your products.

So why not you?

Many businesses think a lot of money needs to be invested to provide their customers with an AR option. But if you want to use augmented reality to its fullest potential as an internal tool for your business, then it's all about finding the right tool that can work to fulfill your business needs on your budget. ARize AR platform which is developing and advancing its AR features for businesses so they can benefit from AR without investing a lot of money.

What can ARize offer to businesses?

ARize recently released its new version ARize 3.0, paying more attention to the business sector. The platform is adjusted in a way that companies that wish to create more user engagement and drive more sales through AR, could easily do this without hiring specialists or agencies specialized in AR. There is no need to spend money on developing an AR app, all you need is just make a business account inside the ARize platform and upload 3D models of your products.

Where to start?

As a business user first, you need to inside the ARize platform and provide the required info about your business/company. After, start creating AR posts, by uploading the 3D models of your products into the ARize platform. With this easy AR tool you enable your customers to place the product in the real environment and explore every detail before buying it.

*AR post is the 3D model of any object you wish to sell, which can be virtually placed in the real environment so the customer can try it out, scale & rotate, go around and inside to examine every detail of the product before purchasing. On top of this, the customer also can share the link of the AR post with others so they can also view the 3D model just by clicking the link and placing it on the floor.


As a business user of the ARize platform, you can customize the look and feel of the application showing your:

  • Show your own company logo at the top of the screen

  • Show product/object name

  • Show pricing, if relevant

  • Place an info button with information about the object such as a product description or specifications

  • Place a contact button

  • Fully customize ‘Call To Action’ button to convert visitors in customers (for example a button leading to your online store)

  • Send push notifications to your business account followers for updating them with any info you wish

  • Easily share your posts with everyone just by copying and sending the post link

Even more from ARize

As a business user, you can have full analytics about each of your AR posts, such as:

  • Number of unique and total views

  • Most viewed locations

  • Genders

  • Engagement analytics

  • Conversion rate


Our mission is to create one universal AR platform for businesses so the customers don’t have to download a lot of AR apps for each store separately. With ARize, even small businesses can use AR to achieve new levels of engagement because here it's easy to create, affordable, and profitable. If you are interested in implementing AR for adding more value to your business then you are in the right place. The ARize team is ready to discuss every detail starting from the idea stage to the implementation stage. Based on your project you will be able tothat suits you most