ARize Augmented Reality platform is a place where you can Create, View and Share AR samples with diverse types of contents, such as: 3D/2D animated models, Videos, Audios, Games and more

augmented reality platform
augmented reality platform
augmented reality platform
augmented reality platform
augmented reality platform
augmented reality platform
augmented reality platform
augmented reality platform
augmented reality platform


Augmented Reality in Marketing

Marketing agencies are always looking for the latest methods and solutions for attracting customers, creating wow effects and brand positioning. And as a fact innovative technological solutions are the integral part of nowadays challenges...

Re-Engineering Humanity Exhibition

All of us know that art has no limits especially the contemporary one. Nowadays when we talk about contemporary art we consider the innovative technological solutions as a part of it and the Augmented Reality is a vivid example...

How to create AR post for free

How to create AR post for free. As we’ve already announced, the ARize AR Platform is free, so everyone can easily create their own AR posts without any fee...

Join our family of Content Creators Community

Join our family of Content Creators Community. Recently ARize AR platform came up with an amazing idea to develop a community where every type of content creator, digital artist, 3D/2D modeler, animator etc. ...



Why us?

AR apps

Blazing Fast

5X faster image detection and content loading

Augmented reality software

Ad Free

Free for users and NO ads at all

AR application


Best quality in terms of content and AR technology



Platform accepts all type of Data from Videos, 3D/2D models, animation, etc. and provides a corresponding user interface

Augmented reality app

24/7 support

24/7 support during the entire customer journey

AR experience

Community Driven

The community driven platform makes us much faster in terms of content creation process.

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Augmented Reality Portfolio

Click on one of the pictures below.
Open ARize Augmented Reality app and aim your phone to the picture to have an amazing AR experience.


Use ARize for


  • Augmented Reality
  • 2D/3D Content
  • Commercial use
  • Support

Content Creation

$50/starts from

VAT not included

  • Content Creation
  • 2D Content/Video
  • 3D Models & Animation
  • Support

Interactive Project

Interactive project is a combination of the hardware (screen, camera, sensor (e.g. Kinect), etc.) and software, through which any kind of interactive campaigns can be launched. This includes the understanding of your needs, consulting and support within the scope of your project. Our specialists will develop an Augmented or Virtual Reality solutions which will best satisfy your needs.

Starting from

$4000/One Time

VAT not included

  • Interactive AR/VR +
  • Basic Content +
  • 6 month Support+