If the Visitor can't come to the Museum, then the Museum should go to the Visitor!


Currently, due to COVID-19, the whole world is facing a lot of difficulties in terms of various activities. People tend to stay at home in order to be protected from the Coronavirus which leads to serious economic problems for many organizations.

How to get out of this situation without having losses?

Companies are now pushing on their online activities as it's the only way to make their services and products available to society. But what about the institutions such as Museums and Galleries. What if people won’t go out for exhibitions and won’t buy tickets. Can museums overcome this obstacle without too many losses? Yes, Museums and Galleries can continue functioning as well with the help of AR technology.


Museums & Galleries have a good chance to exhibit their pieces of artworks, outside the museum borders, in Augmented Reality mode by bringing them into the ARize Platform. This means that people have an opportunity to experience the virtual version of their preferred artworks without visiting a certain museum.

  • Popular statues or paintings can be designed in 3D model and uploaded to the ARize platform with their real sizes, colors and embedded with animations.
  • Paintings can be augmented with interactive 2D/3D animations/overlays.

How it will work?

The process of viewing certain artworks in AR mode is very simple and fast.

In the case of 3D models, the user needs to

  • Download ARize app
  • Go to AR Gallery
  • Search the name of a certain piece of artwork ( which is uploaded to the platform in advance by the museum)
  • Once the artwork is found, tap on the view button and place ithe virtual 3D model of it on the floor.
  • The virtual version of the artwork will appear right in front of the user, who can scale the model, examine it from all angles and even take a picture/video with it.

In the case of augmented paintings, the user needs to

  • Find the preferred painting in ARize platform
  • Download ARize app
  • Open the camera view and scan the painting

How Museums & Galleries will benefit out of this?

Once the artworks are uploaded to ARize Platform, a price can be added next to the view button. Viewers of the conentFor viewing the preferred artwork the user should pay a certain amount of money to enable the viewing option. The price should be set up by the artwork owner (museum/artists).


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