Digital Art Market


ARize AR platform, as promised, continues developing the platform for digital content creators to provide them with new opportunities they may never had before. A quick reminder for those who just found out about ARize: ARize is an Augmented Reality platform, which provides digital content creators with an opportunity to experience their artworks/creations in the real environment. ARize supports Video, 2D animation, 3D models (Zip file, Sketchfab, Google Poly), also, it perfectly delivers all the brushes and effects of Tilt Brush which is quite popular among digital artists. What has to be mentioned is that ARize provides all these opportunities to creators for free and with 24/7 support by the team.

Earn money with ARize.

NOW creators may not only use ARize platform to experience their artworks/creations in the real environment but also earn money through it. How? READ BELOW!

Here we go, let's open up the scopes of this great new idea.

  • Now artists/creators can present their digital artworks/creations in the ARize AR Gallery and put them as free or paid. In case of free artworks, the user just clicks on the view button and brings the artwork to the real environment. Though in the case of paid ones, the user has to buy the license of viewing it.
    * Please, notice, that users do not buy the actual artwork/content of the artist, but the opportunity of viewing it.
  • The price of viewing license should be defined by the author of the content.
    *Please notice that the prices should not be too high, as it is not for a one-time sale only. The same content can be purchased many times by different users, so in terms of defining the prices, make sure that the user will pay for viewing it.
  • Once the purchase is done, the user can have the content in his/her gallery forever and view it whenever he/she wants. Plus the user can recreate a new AR post with the purchased content and use his/her own trigger image.
    *Please notice that we do not recommend to put all of your contents only for paid, as the user would love to experience some of your contents for free to get aquatinted with your style.
  • The purchase will be done via iDEAL, Credit Card, Apple pay and ING Home'pay.
    *Please notice that ARize takes only 10% commission out of each purchase.
  • Even if the artist/creator deletes a certain content from AR Gallery, the users who already purchased it, still will have access to it.
  • Artists/creators will have access to the contents they want to sell. They can edit the name, descriptions and prices of their contents.
  • We ensure the protection of each artist’s/creator’s copyrights, which means that without getting the license of viewing the content, literary it can't be duplicated or used anywhere or for any reason.

So if you are a digital artist/creator who has creative content that can be shown in AR mode, just join us, upload your contents and sell them through ARize platform.