New Opportunities With ARize Packages


Dear ARizers we are so happy to announce that ARize AR Platform is becoming more and more popular among digital artists and content creators.

Thanks to our talented community members’ and ARize’s hard work, the number of new users and contents is growing day by day which requires more time, harder work and stronger support from our side.

We strongly believe that what makes ARize unique over other AR Platforms is that besides enhancing AR functions and opportunities for our users we never forget about customer care and do our best to satisfy their needs. Providing AR creation tool to artists won’t make any sense without fast and qualified service, and this is the main phenomenon that leads us to these new changes.

Therefore, based on our true experience and users’ requirements in order to be able to provide corresponding support and even show a better performance in terms of services to all the members we had to set up 3 different packages of Free, Plus, and Premium letting our users choose the corresponding option for themselves.

In our packages, you will find some limitations and privileges that are compensating one another. These changes will help US (as AR service providers) to be faster, more responsive and available for you all the time, and YOU (as a user) to receive better service, support, and attention from our side.

Below you can find the packages and choose the best option for yourself.

The key changes you may find are the followings:

  • The number of AR posts that you can have in ARize platform generally and on monthly basis
  • Content activation time
  • The ability to sell your models
  • Premium and Regular Support

If none of the Packages satisfy your needs you can go with the Premium Package which is customizable based on your unique requirements.


*Also an important notice for those creators/users who already have X number of posts in ARize platform. The post number limitation WILL NOT apply to the posts numbers created before this upgrade. The posts created before will remain in the platform and users still can experience them.