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The native ARize platform token to mint, share, trade & sell 3D NFT assets & AR/VR experiences

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Stake your ARZ to earn lucrative rewards and amazing Perks on the ARize platform. Early exclusive access to 3D NFT drops, Metaverse experiences, Governance, and many more…
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Product and Ecosystem

Product and Ecosystem


Our unique 3D NFT marketplace connects 3D creators to businesses and provides businesses with state-of-the-art 3D streaming technology.

3D Token
3D Token
3D Token

For Creators

3D NFT creators can easily upload and mint NFTs connected to their asset/full-blown experiences at a touch of a button, whilst sharing and selling their work through our marketplace

Creators Gem
Creators Gem
Creators Gem
3D Dollar
3D Dollar

For Businesses

We are here for any businesses wanting to take their product offering to a whole new visual level by including 3D, AR, VR, or customized fully-blown 3D experiences (e.g, metaverse, art gallery, virtual stores, games, storytelling, etc.).

Loud Speaker
Nike Shoe 3D Model


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ARZ Token

ARZ token is the fuel of ARize ecosystem, powering all the possibilities of the 3D NFT marketplace and is serving as a token to access the streaming tech.

Now available on:
3D Token
3D Token
3D Token


Earn lucrative staking rewards and platform perks

👑 Royalties:

Fund 3D NFT art and participate in resale royalties and per view royalties

🔥 Marketplace:

  • Get access to exclusive 3D NFT drops
  • Access to ready to use metaverse templates created by the community or ARize team

🗳 Governance:

ARZ token holders will participate in platform governance as a ARZ token holder


Q1 2022:

The ARZ Talent Hub

  • Growing the ARize Team (✅ Done)
  • The ARize Talent Hub (✅ Done)

Q2 2022:

Token Launch and Platform Commencement

  • ARZ Token Launch (✅ Done)
  • Launching of staking pools (✅ Done)
  • Launching of Staking tiers & perks (⏳ In Progress)
  • Platform Launch (MVP) 
  • 3D/AR NFT Minting 
  • Launch of the ARize Marketplace

Q3 2022:

Enhancing the ARize Ecosystem

  • Community token rewards (Royalties) 
  • Ethereum Bridge for ARize token 
  • Metaverse Templates (MVP)
  • Partnering with the Leading NFT and Blockchain projects 
  • Curated Collections and Mini-Metaverse NFT Galleries

Q4 2022:

Full Platform Launch

  • Full Launch of the ARize Platform 
  • Launch of the ARize content library (MVP) 
  • Hiring framework for businesses and creators to request and offer services 
  • Buy & Sell content with ARize token

Q1 2023:

Metaverse Editor Launch

  • Metaverse editor (MVP)