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5 Ways Augmented Reality is Changing How we Use Our Phones

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Augmented Reality, or AR, is changing the face of the mobile world. How we use and interact with our phones is being revolutionised by this technology that blends the digital world with the real world around us. Most people use it to give themselves a sad face or love hearts for eyes but the world of AR is opening up so many more possibilities, we’re going to show you a few.

Interactive Learning

One of the most exciting uses for AR is the possibility of AR enhanced learning. While there is a lot of talk around bringing AR into schools and higher education institutes, the power of personal learning is also possible.

Whether it is labelling constellations in the night sky, breaking down your car’s engine or bringing ancient civilisations to life in the environment around you, this is a very exciting area that is being explored in a number of creative ways.

The Human Anatomy Atlas will show you a beautifully detailed representation of the human body that you can explore through accurately rendered AR, while SkySafari will guide you around the stars, showing you precise depictions of the great cosmos, teaching you what you’re looking at and when.

These are just two examples of the great educational apps that AR has made possible.


The days of roadmaps and driving instructions are well and truly over. Finding your way around the world is easier and more accurate than ever. With AR you can find out exactly where that hidden doorway off the beaten path is, see exactly which of the two similar turnings you should take or just make sure you’re facing the right way before you set off on your journey.

One of the most widely available examples of this is Google Maps. Their AR-assisted walking directions include showing street labels that float in the air in front of you as you look through your phone, and giant arrows that will point you in exactly the right direction.

This makes it easier and much safer to navigate your way around unfamiliar territory and saves a lot of time and effort!

Creating Art

You can make the world your canvas and unleash your creative side with the help of AR on your phone. Build a tower in your back garden, or graffiti an old wall on your street, without actually breaking the law (or zoning laws) and then share them with others.

People are also using AR apps to design tattoos and see what thirty look like on their body before committing to the art, or even just brightening up the environment around them, creating their own interpretations of the real world with nothing but their phone and their imagination.


Gaming is the area where developers are really trying to push the envelope with AR tech. The result are games that are much more immersive and have a longer shelf life than your average mobile game.

The potential was truly explored with the release of 2016’s Pokémon GO, a perfect blend of the world around us and that of one of the most popular games in the world. But while it’s the most popular example it’s not the only one. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite took the same idea and instead placed players in the Potterverse, bringing magical creatures to life.

Other games like Knightfall might not be as sophisticated but still provide just as much entertainment through clever utilisation of AR technology.

Designing Your Environment

Ever wondered what a coffee table would look like in the middle of your sitting room? How about if a work of art will fit in with the aesthetic if you place it on your bedroom wall.

Here at ARize, we provide the technology that allows many e-commerce stores to provide AR renderings of their products to customers, letting the customers see just what they would look like in their home, office or garden without any extra additional software or apps.

This is one of the most practical uses of AR technology, allowing you to plan your environment and spaces without having to commit to decisions based on just your imagination! See your world before you create it.

AR is fast becoming an indispensable piece of technology in today’s world, these are just a few examples of what it can do, and the best is still yet to come.

Founded in 2018, ARize is an industry leader in the 3D and AR industries. With an ethos of putting the power into the hands of the creators, their vision is revolutionising e-commerce, blockchain technologies and metaverse spaces. ARize is on a mission to bring 3D and AR capabilities to everyone, supercharging the visual experience it brings.

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