Our Story

Founded in 2018, ARize has established itself as a supercharged leader in the 3D and AR commercial space. Providing accessible and uncomplicated services for blockchain users looking to create their own offerings, whether through NFT or the creation and maintenance of your own unique metaverse.

2023 & beyond

Our Core Values

High Quality

Everything we do is executed at the highest level of quality to ensure value.


We make technology simple for others by being intelligent & smart.


We innovate in everything we do to be at the forefront of industry disruption.


We are flexible and adaptable to our client’s needs, and so are our solutions.


We use our experience and knowledge to react quickly to changes in technology and the industry, to make sure we are always ahead of the curve.

Company Culture

Diversity is a champion in all forms. We truly embrace diversity, and we consider it to be a key formulaic factor in our growing workforce. As one can see from our core values above, we hold a very open culture, an inquisitive one, nevertheless, a fully transparent one too.

We highly value people coming from different backgrounds, walk of life and diverse cultures from all over the world whilst we embrace everyone’s uniqueness and their personal characteristics, they bring onboard. Our overall team is made up of people coming from 10 different countries 

Working environment & Style

At ARize it is not about the number of hours you sit in front of a screen but the value that you deliver to our mission. Historically, successful teams achieved victory through giving members accountability and the trust that they will deliver what’s needed; here at ARize Group, we feel no differently about this. Trust guides every move we make; how we act, operate, and the way we treat our colleagues. We rely on full transparency and integrity, and we expect it from our people. We trust you, giving you space to collaborate and create at your own pace, letting you make the difference in your own way to get the best results.

Embracing “Remote” working

Adopting a remote way of life allows us at ARize to be immensely flexible with our work patterns, all the while maintaining a healthy balance between work and personal life. Happy people at work are key to a winning formula and an efficient and productive team.

Remote Working

Customer-Centric Mindset

Each team member plans and controls their workload with responsibility and accountability, supporting each other as they deploy new projects and work to find the best solutions for our customers. If you’re ready for a technical creative role where no two days are ever the same, our Customer Focused team welcomes you with open arms.

The ARize Team

A glimpse into some of our current team members

Co-Founder & CEO

Maurice Beckand Verwee

Strategic Advisor & Investor

Mohammad Mahdi Kermani

Chief 3D Technology Officer

Hadi Golkarian

Head of Development

Full-stack Developer

Monika Stepanyan

Head of 3D and Immersive Tech

Hamidreza Sheikholeslami

Front-end Developer / SEO

Market Research Analyst

Graphic Designer

Who are we looking for?

In a word…YOU, if you think you fit the bill. We are constantly on the lookout for individuals who possess an innate passion and drive for digital technology and innovation. As the nature of our is business is pushing boundaries on the forefront of digital tech we are constantly dealing with the unknown, so we want fearless individuals ready to take the leap with us! We value profiles that are highly interested in implementing new-age technology ideas, platforms improvements and start-up concepts in areas such as the MetaVerse, e-commerce, eSports, and other related sister technology industries.


Digital Opportunities

Explore the latest opportunities we have available and discover how you can play a part in our revolution. Join the best and be part of our growing unit, discovering the forefront of digital tech experiences and products.

New vacanies

Rise with ARize
Rise with ARize

Rise with ARize

Passion and ambition drive progress at ARize. Whilst challenging the status quo, we constantly question, reinvent, re-map and push ourselves to define new levels of excellence. Our progress, in turn, drives your progress and development, as you build your knowledge of our industry, products, and technology. Nothing is for certain, but ARize will help you explore opportunities and grow with us. If you want it, seek it, and progress with us.