AR in Fashion Better Experience, Better Conversion

AR in Fashion: Better Experience, Better Conversion

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For the fashion industry and apparel brands, augmented reality is a tool that can revolutionize their e-commerce business by transforming how customers can interact with products.

Virtual try-on, tailors, and smart mirrors create a seamless digital shopping experience. Tap into a customer’s need to try products before buying.

Technological advancements in augmented reality (AR) bring the products closer to the consumer, and when you do that, you increase conversions and return visits and decrease things like returns.

Fashion lovers have taken to AR in a big way. From fun filters on Snapchat and Instagram to brand apps, digital fashion utilizes the potential of AR through lenses, virtual try-on, AR runway shows, and embedded experiences.

AR will continue to change e-commerce in fashion, which can only be good. Brands and retailers will opt to enhance their customers’ shopping experience. AR will drive conversion by offering consumers an immersive and wholly personalized experience.

Why Augmented Reality Increases Conversion Rates

In its early stages, the novelty of AR is still an exciting draw for customers. Many people find it entertaining and rewarding, so they will continue to use it and tell their friends about it.

When customers experience products before purchasing them, it deepens their sense of ownership. One thing lost during the pandemic, and online shopping was unable to replicate before AR, is the feeling of trying on a product and the elation of walking out of the store with your perfect purchase.

With AR, customers can see themselves with the product and already feel like they own it, and that connection makes them more likely to purchase.

Immersive experiences are also a great way to drive customers to brick-and-mortar locations. Customers may want to visit the store to ask questions, see products in person or explore additional products the company may offer.

What the Numbers Say…

The first number to look at isn’t an AR number but a fashion retail number. Studies have shown that customers are 80% more likely to purchase an item if they can try it. This was fundamentally missing from the digital fashion shopping experience and AR remedies.

A GetApp survey found that 90% of e-commerce shoppers in the UK agreed AR is the most useful for buying clothes online, followed by 705 stating handbags, glasses, and other accessories.

At the heart of this is the ability to have a virtual try-on using augmented reality. A Snapchat consumer AR report found that using AR can increase conversion rates by up to 94% and decrease returns by 25% (this decrease is around $137 billion worldwide).

According to the study, 73% of consumers say they’re willing to pay more for a product that promises total transparency AR can provide by engaging the audience and delivering an excellent platform to know every product detail.

Brands also recognize the power of AR. 41% say customers are more likely to be considered by customers if they provide an AR experience.

Engaging customers is essential for keeping attention, and AR experiences improve the connection between brands and their people.

See it For Yourself

Many different brands already realize AR potential digitally. Some with the help of ARize and our cutting-edge AR technologies.

We have helped high-end contemporary lifestyle brands Charles and Ron bring their unique accessories to life through AR.

Check out the video below and see first-hand how AR in the fashion industry is a virtual style made real. Book an introductory call with us to create an outstanding experience for your fashion brand via

An AR demo of the Charles & Ron bag created by ARize
AR in Fashion: Better Experience, Better Conversion

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