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ARize Leave Their Mark in Dubai

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The ARize Group continued their remarkable rise last week with a very fruitful visit to the AIBC Asia Expo and World Blockchain Summit in Dubai, leaving their mark on the event and plenty of investors!

Drawing leading figures from the emerging tech world to the Middle East, the expo was held from the 20th to 23rd of March at the Festival Arena in Festival City. Three days of educational panels, keynote speeches workshops and networking events all aimed at optimising the technology of the future, and ARize took full advantage.

One of the most important developments for the company was meeting and negotiating with new strategic partners helping to enable growth and secure ARize’s future. This also included the securing of multiple investors including, Revenue Capital, Vesterpine Capital, and CyberFi, with a few more on the way!

CEO Aryan Behzadi pitching ARize live at AIBC Summit, Dubai.

Company CEO Aryan Behzadi’s pitch and vision for the company was so successful it led to ARize being named one of the top 10 start-ups at the event, incorporating some amazing product feedback.

The company also gave back, by participating in one of the many engaging panels that took place at the Expo, with Aryan Behzadi speaking on the Future of Metaverse Technology and Interoperability. Among some of the points he touched on, Behzadi stressed ARize’s mission of making the Metaverse accessible.

“The use of the internet spread as soon as connecting became easy at the click of a button. Right now in the Metaverse, connecting is not as easy. We want to do just that… at the moment, accessing Metaverses is interoperable due to so many choices and access points. Eventually, I believe that we’ll be able to access it as easily as logging in via Google account.”

Aryan Behzadi, CEO & Founder at ARize Group

To demonstrate just how simple it is to access ARize’s current 3D and AR technology, they provided live demos of their AR experiences using nothing more than business cards and people’s handheld devices.

The feather in ARize’s cap came with their IDO launch on multi-chain platform KrystalGO, selling out in less than an hour and raising $100,000. With an InfinityPad whitelisting and third IDO to be started soon, the future looks very bright for the XR specialists.

ARize continues its mission to truly democratise technology and content in a way that ensures creators are fairly compensated, while businesses and users have access to high-quality experiences. At the same time, ARize aims to provide a platform to create content across the Metaverse with the goal of accelerating its mass adoption transforms the world of tech, leading the way and disrupting traditional spaces.

Stay tuned for what comes next!

About ARize

Founded in 2018, ARize is an industry leader in the 3D and AR industries. With an ethos of putting the power into the hands of the creators, their vision is revolutionizing e-commerce, blockchain technologies and metaverse spaces. ARize is on a mission to bring 3D and AR capabilities to everyone, supercharging the visual experience it brings.

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