ARZ Token

ARZ token is the fuel of ARize ecosystem, powering all the possibilities of the 3D NFT marketplace and is serving as a token to access the streaming tech.

Now available on:
3D Token
3D Token
3D Token


Earn lucrative staking rewards and platform perks

👑 Royalties:

Fund 3D NFT art and participate in resale royalties and per view royalties

🔥 Marketplace:

  • Get access to exclusive 3D NFT drops
  • Access to ready to use metaverse templates created by the community or ARize team

🗳 Governance:

ARZ token holders will participate in platform governance as a ARZ token holder


Q1 2022:

The ARZ Talent Hub

  • Growing the ARize Team (✅ Done)
  • The ARize Talent Hub (✅ Done)

Q2 2022:

Token Launch and Platform Commencement

  • ARZ Token Launch (✅ Done)
  • Launching of staking pools (✅ Done)
  • Launching of Staking tiers & perks (⏳ In Progress)
  • Platform Launch (MVP) 
  • 3D/AR NFT Minting 
  • Launch of the ARize Marketplace

Q3 2022:

Enhancing the ARize Ecosystem

  • Community token rewards (Royalties) 
  • Ethereum Bridge for ARize token 
  • Metaverse Templates (MVP)
  • Partnering with the Leading NFT and Blockchain projects 
  • Curated Collections and Mini-Metaverse NFT Galleries

Q4 2022:

Full Platform Launch

  • Full Launch of the ARize Platform 
  • Launch of the ARize content library (MVP) 
  • Hiring framework for businesses and creators to request and offer services 
  • Buy & Sell content with ARize token

Q1 2023:

Metaverse Editor Launch

  • Metaverse editor (MVP)