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ARZ Tokenomics, Vesting, & IDO Traction:

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This Week’s AMA Round-Up with CPO Adam Azzopardi

On Thursdays at 15:00 CET, the ARize team hosts a 1 hour live AMA session on the ARize Community Telegram chat, answering any juicy questions the community may have.

These questions are tweeted to the ARize Twitter or asked during the Telegram session.

Fresh out of our LIVE AMA on Telegram with ARize CPO Adam Azzopardi, we’ve discussed all things $ARZ ahead of the Token Generation Event, as the IDO is ongoing. From TokenomicsVesting, details, and traction on our IDO thus far, launchpads, and more, here’s a roundup of our AMA session.

1-How does the ARZ token fit into the ARize ecosystem?

“Great question! Firstly, the ARZ token will form part of the ARize ecosystem through its utility within our platform. The current utilities that will be implemented will be staking, which will provide different APYs to stakers, and a tiered structure providing various perks within the platform.

Secondly, royalties will be paid out in ARZ tokens. The royalties on our platform will be calculated in two ways; resales and views. As we evolve our ecosystem, the utility around our token continues to grow.”

2. Is it true that $ARZ sold out in less than an hour on one launchpad and in less than 2 hours in crowdfunding?

“Yes, seeing our raises selling out in under 1 hour and 2 hours respectively is a fantastic feeling which reiterates the faith our community has in our vision! From our end we will continue to work hard to thank the community for believing in us, through our upcoming platform, token and the utilities implemented within them.”

3. Can you release any details regarding the 3rd launchpad?

“Currently, we are in talks with the final launchpad to close off our successful IDO campaigns. While we cannot say any names right now, be rest assured that we shall be coming out with the news on our socials very soon.”

4. Is there a vesting term? If so, how much is released immediately, and how long are the tokens vested?

“As we have had multiple raises around our token, there are different vesting schedules according to each round. Click here to view all the information around schedules, rounds and raises.”

5. We can buy your tokens on Metamask, & Trust Wallet. Can you tell us if, apart from this wallet, you are planning to add anything else? If so, which one do you have in mind? Lastly, what is the current value of $ARZ?

“Upon launching our platform, it will be accessible through Metamask & Trustwallet to facilitate Binance Chain, Ethereum & Polygon networks. As we continue to release new features, there is a possibility that we shall add new wallets too.

To answer your second question, our token is not currently listed. That being said, it shall be listed at $0.01.”

6. Is your platform suitable for crypto beginners? Or is it limited to professional users only?

“Essential question! Throughout the design phase, we prioritized making our UI suitable for all users regardless of their experience in crypto/blockchain. We did this by roping in our advisors, experts, and a pool of users who fit our target profiles.

In addition to the above, we shall launch several tutorials and campaigns to ensure our users will quickly learn how to navigate our platform!”

7. Now that the IDO of Arize is getting closer, how can we join or participate in the IDO? Which launchpads are you looking to have your IDO? Will there be any allowlisting, or do we only need to stake some tokens? Where/how can we get more news on that?

“While 2 IDOs and another crowdfunding raise have passed successfully, we are finalizing our last IDO, which will happen in the coming weeks.

Be tuned to our socials as we’ll release more information on how to participate soon!”

8. Ethereum has the deepest liquidity of all blockchains despite its high transaction fees. This leads me to ask when @Official_ARize will build a bridge to Ethereum to capture the existing liquidity and open up the Arize project to new users.

“Great question! We have plans to implement a bridge to Ethereum for the ARZ token in the future.

In addition, when it comes to NFT minting, we shall be utilizing both Ethereum and Polygon to give our users the option to mint on either chain depending on their preference!”

9. Why did you choose the Ethereum and ETH gas fee networks? How do you deal with it?

“Our token will be launched on the Binance chain. There the gas fees will be negligible. Also, as mentioned above, we aim to launch an Ethereum bridge shortly.

Regarding the NFTs minted on our platform, users can mint on Ethereum or Polygon Networks (for now).”

10. Is your project only for elite investors? What about others with small funds? Is it open to everyone?

“Our token and platform are open to all types of investors to utilise and enjoy. Moreover, the ARize platform & marketplace is built to encourage all creators, investors, businesses, and NFT enthusiasts to interact with!”

11. You claim that they turn any item in a store into a realistic 3D web AR experience without an app. But how do they accomplish this process without an application? Through your platform, do they convert them? Finally, is it possible to convert normal NFTs to 3D through Arize?

“Fantastic question! Yes, this is very true. We shall utilize our webAR technology to level up NFTs with enhanced visuals through augmented reality.

Rather than needing an app to view this, it can be shared and enjoyed through a simple link! Also, this will allow creators to bring their assets to life and enthusiasts to view these assets with no added steps or friction!”

ARZ Tokenomics, Vesting, & IDO Traction:

About ARize

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