Business AR View

Your Business Account on ARize provides the necessary features that you need as a business. You can add your business logo, post title, and your business name along with an info button. One important and crucial matter is a Call To Action (CTA) button that could be the focus for your customers so we also took care of that. You can add a customizable CTA button to your profile and change its link (function), text, and color.

Product Info

We provide everything you need to showcase your products to your clients, this way,they can decide even easier if they want to buy an item from your web-shop. On the Product Info page, you can add a title, description, and up to 5 images of the product.

3D Web Viewer

Another valuable yet necessary feature is the 3D viewer. Now that you have set all the things to showcase your products to your customers, you will need to let them see their favorite items in 3 dimensions so they can see all the aspects of the product and check if it fits their needs.

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