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Do You Know the Benefits of VR in Business Training?

Virtual reality training can change the face of the corporate world. As we learn to adapt to changing work environments, including increasingly remote-based workforces, having a strong and reliable skill base has never been more vital. In the face of changing workplaces and evolving technologies, it is essential to embed innovative ways to support skills development.

What is VR Training?

VR training is an immersive learning experience that recreates real-world settings and simulates work challenges to educate and train workforces. It gives employees a chance to gain on-the-job training in a risk-free environment. Also, using 3D visualizations that can let them learn by doing. Retention of skills learned through VR is high, meaning those skills are more likely to be applied in the workplace, ultimately increasing productivity.

A recent PwC report revealed that people were trained four times faster via VR and nearly four times more connected to the content versus learning in the classroom. Learners were also more confident in applying the skills they had learned after training and more focused than those who participated in e-learning.

What are the Benefits of VR Training?

These numbers are all awe-inspiring and paint a very positive picture. So how does this benefit the workplace? It’s not simply just a case of people learning faster. VR training can improve the quality of a company’s production, culture, and efficiency when done correctly. Here are just a few benefits that VR training will bring:

More Accurate Education

Replicating work environments makes VR training a desirable proposition. Replicating dangerous work environments allows for training that is more than just theoretical but takes place in a safe space.

Doctors, firefighters, and even oil workers are just some individuals who would benefit hugely from a virtual 3D visualization instead of looking at images or watching videos. Placing them in the situations, they are likely to face on the job makes them more prepared and gives them more confidence they can succeed.

Faster Route to Proficiency

The quicker you can get a workforce up to speed on new or existing skills. The faster you can benefit from those skills, making your company will be more productive and profitable.

Whether trying to bring new hires up to speed or roll out innovation to your existing workers. VR training significantly reduces time spent without sacrificing the effectiveness or quality of learning.

In the case of innovations, VR training also benefits associates by allowing them to train before the equipment is even installed, cutting down on turnaround time once new measures are in place.

Improve Customer Service

One of the essential factors in gaining customer satisfaction is having well-prepared, well-trained customer-facing employees.

VR training benefits customer service agents by providing on-demand learning to be effective and productive, learning the empathy and communication skills needed to handle all types of customers, good or bad.

One main VR training benefit is that it allows people to practice critical thinking and gain a holistic picture of customer needs. For customer service agents, this helps them better develop empathy and communication skills.

Reduces Onboarding Time

Companies need them to contribute productively as quickly as possible when hiring new employees. VR training helps by providing realistic training in a 3D visualized world replicating natural working environments. So they can gain the necessary knowledge and skills much faster.

With VR, companies have reduced training time by up to 81%. Most importantly, companies can continue to hire and onboard as needed because they no longer rely on an approach that requires days-long group instruction or traveling.

Decrease Turnover

VR training can provide a realistic job preview to candidates and new hires, reducing the likelihood of turnover and increasing retention rates.

They can be exposed to the work environment, learning what the atmosphere of their future workplace will be like. They know what to expect from day one, preparing them mentally and physically.

Every new employee across the company benefits from VR training. They also get the same realistic preview of the job experience. This improves consistency and sets the right expectations from the very beginning.

Virtually the Best

VR training is a great learning tool, as people learn best by doing. This gives VR training a significant advantage over traditional classroom learning. VR training can replicate workspaces and tailor-made scenarios to address an individual’s needs directly. Employees can learn by repeating practical tasks in a realistic but risk-free space, giving them the tools they need to be as productive as possible.

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