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Five Main Benefits of Web3: The Internet’s Next Evolution

Creators were usually developers who built websites based mainly on text or images, serving static content rather than dynamic HTML, with very little interactivity.

People have known Web 1.0 as the “read-only web,” lasting from 1991 – 2004.

Web 2.0

In the internet’s second iteration, the power of creation passed from developers to ordinary users, making it a much more interactive and social environment.

If you want to craft a thought or create content and share it with the world, you can. People may see, comment on, and share everything you share, and you can do the same for others.

Web 2.0 allows more people to become creators in their own right.

People have known Web 2.0 as the “read-write” Web, which spans from 2004 to the present day.

What is Web3

People have known Web 3.0, or Web3, as more commonly the idea of a new type of internet built using blockchain technology.

So Web3 applications run on decentralized networks of many peer-to-peer nodes. For a stable and secure network, users are encouraged to provide the highest quality services to anyone using the Web.

Web3 has since taken on new meaning for its advocates. Not only is it a way to manage your data, but web3 is a way to redistribute ownership of the internet. The whole point of web3 is getting license and decision-making away from a small group of people, into the hands of everyone, for a fairer, more democratic internet.

The Five Main Benefits of Web3


Blockchain technology power Web3 and decentralization, democratizing content creation and eliminating the middleman.


A decentralized identity system allows you to control your online identity and personal information. In Web3, you get more precise control over what information you make available online and who has access to it.


In our current Web system, information can easily be copied or stolen without users knowing. Blockchain technology is secure and tamper-proof; data cannot be altered or hacked without detection of interference.


Web3 is open source, and anyone can build on top of other projects, paving the way for leveraging existing content to make something new, fuelling innovation throughout the Web.


Web3 runs on a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), a new management model that operates through rules written in code rather than boards and executives. This allows an unlimited number of people to participate in it. Many traditional companies are expected to transition to DBOs over the next decade.

Like many other things connected to blockchain, Web3 represents a chance to democratize the world and how people interact, live, and make money. Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 served a purpose in furthering technology and interaction. Now it seems it is time for Web3 to take the reins.

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