How NFTs are Changing Art

How NFTs are Changing Art

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Whether it’s articles about monkey avatars or the new crypto opportunities they have created, NFTs have barely left the news cycle for the past year. The stories are everywhere, from stories of people making their fortune from NFTs, celebrities launching their collections, or schoolchildren becoming leading NFT artists.

But what we don’t hear too much about is how NFTs are changing the landscape for artists and creators all over the world. Throughout history, artists have always been at the forefront of change, leading the way through cultural shifts, and the advent of NFTs is no different.

NFT vs. Art

While we use the term NFT almost exclusively, this talks more about the asset than the art itself, specifically crypto art. NFT refers to a technological element assigned to ANY media, linking it to a blockchain, making it unique.

NFTs will change the way people share their ideas, but it also opens up more avenues for these ideas to flourish. NFT art empowers creators to capture and share their creations and expressions on their terms. The walls between artists and their consumers are slowly being pulled down because of the possibilities of blockchain.

The Artist’s Future

For artists, NFT art represents a never-before-seen opportunity to give them control over their work. Whereas traditionally, selling a piece of art may mean it passes from the artist’s life forever on the blockchain. You can track its ownership journey indefinitely and possibly earn from it too.

For instance, the ARize marketplace will allow artists to earn royalties based on the number of views of their assets. This is a brand-new type of market that works similarly to YouTube’s pay-per-view model.

NFT art introduces a revolutionary shift for artists to maintain a connection to their work and everyone that may end up owning or experiencing it.

NFT Art Provides Ownership

Conventionally, art, music, and other creative mediums have forced creators to give up a portion of their rights and ownership to a studio, label, or some other type of corporate entity. NFT art affords creators ownership and gives the creator complete control. If you want to keep the rights, you can, but you have control of that decision. And making a profit from your creation does not have to depend on it.

Giving Creators a Voice

Anyone with a story or idea can make that happen through NFT art. NFTs can be harnessed to create projects that the mainstream media ignores because everyone controls their message. It also allows artists from marginalized communities or those without access to galleries and audiences to show their work. NFTs offer a new platform for voices.

At ARize, our mission is to truly democratize technology and content so that the creators are compensated, and businesses and users can access high-quality experiences. NFTs are making this possible, and we’ll be at the forefront of that movement.

How NFTs are Changing Art

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