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How to Create an Augmented Reality Shopping Experience

By now, we have all realized that AR is the future of e-commerce. Brands and retailers wanting to create a connection with their consumers and offer the best online shopping experience need to utilize technology fully to do so.

But how? Integrating AR capabilities into your e-commerce store has to be implemented correctly to be at its most effective. That means careful planning and making the right decisions.

But it does not need to be difficult, so here’s what you need to consider as you take this next step in online retail.

Step 1: Define your goals.

There are several questions you have to ask yourself before you start the process. What do you want to achieve? How will it help your customers? How can they get the most out of what you are offering?

While the first question might be the most important, you mustn’t stop there. Making sure you place the customer at the heart of your decisions is what can take your application of AR tech from good to great! You need to understand exactly what type of experience you are trying to give your consumer base.

Know your vision and your goals before looking into the technical aspects of your AR application. Once you know where you want to go, it will make your decisions further down the line a lot simpler.

Step 2: Identify the Tools

Once you know what you want to create, you can identify the tools you will need to bring it to life. Here are some aspects you need to consider:


What type of infrastructure will you need to implement to bring your AR experience to life? Do you have the capability for this structure to be applied to your systems? Do you have technology capable of integrating with AR technology?

This is a basic consideration that will inform how and what you do with your AR and what steps you need to take to achieve your goals.

Supported Devices

Whether you’re planning to run your AR platform on a mobile, laptop, or AR glasses, for example, you have to make sure the tools you want to use can support the hardware for the platform.

Supported Operating Systems:

If you want to develop this platform for several different operating systems, the platform that you are using has to be able to support each operating system that you want to make it accessible to.


Do you want geolocation? Model rendering? On-screen text? Make sure that whoever you work with can build you a platform that caters to your exact needs and has the capabilities to implement the exact features that you want to include.

Step 3: Get the Word Out!

Once you’ve put all your hard work into creating your platform, make sure that the world knows about it! Use different methods to reach your audience (and beyond) and let them know exactly what they’ll be getting as a customer.

Whether you create a demo video, place notifications and instructions within the app or site, or get your followers to share on social media, let people know the full potential of what you offer and how it will benefit them as a customer.

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