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Is AR the Next Level of Mobile Gaming?

The gaming industry is more significant than ever. Gaming now accounts for 26% of media consumption hours across the world, and it is being driven by mobile gaming. Smartphones have pushed gaming beyond its traditional settings; no more is it confined to bedrooms and sitting rooms. Games can be played anywhere and everywhere.

Why is gaming so big now?

Multiple reasons can be pointed to, but the two main reasons are the profile of gamers and how people play. Gaming is no longer seen as a kid’s pastime, as it was earlier; generations that grew up during the console boom of the 80s and 90s are still gaming today and are taking it more seriously than the generations that have followed. Indeed, many younger demographics think of games as more of a way to kill time than as an essential part of their life.

The game is more, but feel less of it. This brings us to the second factor, the way people play. Smartphones have changed the gaming landscape, affecting where, when, and even why we game. Mobile gaming popularity has skyrocketed, with people turning to smartphones as a simple way to kill some time. Just look at all the people playing games on their daily commute to get an idea of how popular it is.

How Does AR Fit into Gaming?

As mobile gaming evolves, it will only create more advanced and enjoyable gaming experiences for the growing audience. But, just how well does AR fit with the needs and expectations of gamers? Gaming has been, and will always be, about relaxation and escapism. This makes XR technologies the perfect tool to enhance these experiences for gamers. Immersion is a key reason why many people love engaging with gaming, and AR gives a more immersive experience without the need for equipment or consoles, just the phone in your hand.

AR technology can make games even more compelling and interactive in ways that were not even considered until very recently in history. Immersive AR can make games matter. Currently, gamers are both intrigued with the potential of AR gaming but are still looking for the results. Almost 40% of gamers surveyed believe AR gaming would be more enjoyable with better games, access to lower-cost equipment, and better battery life.

AR: The New Mobile Standard

However, it has boundless potential on mobile, and many issues do not factor into the mobile gaming experience. We can tell from the evidence this is propelling mobile AR games to the forefront of entertainment. In 2016, AR-based mobile gaming exploded onto the scene with the release of Pokémon GO. As well as seeing a year-on-year increase in revenue in its first few years, it is still the second highest-grossing smartphone game in the world. Ever. Follow this up with the rising popularity of titles like Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, Zombies, Run! and The Walking Dead: Our World.

You can see how AR gaming is catching the attention of mobile gamers worldwide. Its novelty is also helping to increase its popularity. A report by Ericsson shows that 35% of people asked were interested in trying mobile gamers. 23% did not identify as gamers but were curious about the concept. Overall, AR mobile software is tipped to generate more revenue than VR shortly, with the investment of Google and Apple in ARCore and ARKit, respectively, indicating just how much of an opportunity the industry sees in AR mobile gaming. Studies of apps on iOS and Android that include ARCore/ARKit in their descriptions account for 25% of AR app downloads, making it the most popular form of AR technology on mobile.

Is AR the next level of gaming?

Given that 75% of gamers are interested in AR gaming and one in three non-gamers also show interest, pronouncing AR as the next level of gaming might not be doing it enough justice. AR potentially returns gamers to the immersive experiences lost in the simplicity of mobile gaming and then upgrades those experiences on top. With the diversity of this technology, AR is not the next level of gaming but the next level of living.

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