Building Metaverses; the Future of the Virtual World

Building Metaverses; Future of the Virtual World

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Facebook, now known as Meta, has been betting billions of dollars on the Metaverse. Mark Zuckerberg, the co-founder of Meta, believes Metaverse is the new social networking platform for connecting, forming communities, and expanding their enterprises. It is the future of technology. At the core of it, Metaverse is building a vast alternate reality world that is entirely virtual for people to work, play, and interact with others. Essentially, it transforms the concept of digital socializing. Large corporations like Facebook use metaverse architects and extend their reach in everyday life. Even blockchain projects are building a diverse, blockchain-based decentralized metaverse. Starting from the basics…

What is Metaverse?

The Metaverse is a virtual world incorporating augmented reality, virtual reality, 3D avatars, video, and other digital communication mediums. Other platforms allow users to engage with others using VR and AR technologies. The Metaverse tends to extend sight, hearing, and touch and mix digital visuals with the actual world. It is said to reach 1 billion individuals in the next ten years. Metaverse architecture ensures that good environmental design and purpose are shaped. With the help of metaverse architects, you can enter a completely immersive 3D environment as you desire. 

Who Are Metaverse Architects?

Metaverse architects, also termed Game Designers, have been here for decades. The Metaverse is way more complex than it looks, and these professionals are enhancing the technological era. Creating a world-class game often takes over five years and thousands of talented people. Constructing 3D spaces is time-consuming and takes a lot of creativity. Large corporations like Microsoft have spent billions of dollars to acquire successful gaming companies. You will see an explosion of metaverse architects in the next few years. 

The Skills Needed for Metaverse Architects

Creativity is an essential skill for a metaverse architect. They need to be unique, innovative, and creative to imagine large structures and reach beyond their limits. First, a person must learn 2D/3D design experience using modeling software, which is usually the most challenging part. It takes a lot to design digital models in the Metaverse. After that, there are many other aspects, like participating and socializing. People can’t build the Metaverse alone; they need an expert team, various technologies, and software solutions. The Metaverse is an enthralling world in which one can develop imagination and physically own these items as NFTs. There is no other beautiful feeling than owning the Metaverse AR platform. 

Architecture vs. Metaverse Architects

Well, the main difference between them is physics. Traditional architects construct buildings within the laws of physics, and it takes a little practice to work on it. But that is not the case for metaverse architects. They can even build a structure that looks tiny from the outside but is quite significant from the inside. Technically, they never care about gravity, weather, and structural stability because there is more emphasis on the digital world. They don’t have to see airflow or take care of fire safety laws. But details must be focused on! Metaverse architects and architects spend hours on the tiniest details. If any detail goes wrong in the Metaverse, it may take away the whole immersive layer from users.

The design process works just like in real life, and no engineers in the Metaverse; they are called developers. Metaverse architects are likely to be more experimental. Luca Arrigo, a renowned metaverse architect based in Malta, has been working on the metaverse project, the “tallest tower in Decentraland,” since last March. He believes professionals must learn to code and understand how metaverse platforms work. 

Are There Any Specific Rules?

There are no planning authorities who can accept or reject designs. But it’s not a free-for-all! Metaverse architects can build up to 20m on one 16m² plot, which can increase depending on the number of plots you have. Without constraints on digital files in the Metaverse and limits on existing technology, the project would struggle. This is why the metaverse visuals look pixelated. Metaverse is regarded as beneficial and detrimental for metaverse architects.

The first benefit is that clients have the authority to live in a digital twin of an actual project to see if they enjoy the space before building it. Another advantage is the opportunity it gives people of all ages to make a name in the industry. The most famous metaverse architects are old because it takes years to build a project. But as metaverse architects, working long hours can harm your circadian rhythm in the long term. 

What Benefits Can Metaverse Provide in 2022?

The demand for digital spaces has increased in the metaverse diversions to its heightened popularity. Many new brands and organizations are creating digital working environments for their businesses and an extensive portfolio of recent innovations. There are endless opportunities that metaverse architects offer in this mesmerizing metaverse environment. 

Workspaces For Global Connectivity

Today, the Metaverse is heavily explored for working and connecting globally through virtual spaces. Even big companies like Facebook, Epic Games, and others are eager to set up their workspace in the Metaverse. This is not because of the “cool” quotient but for employees and economic convenience. A digital metaverse world offers a better chance to bend reality, build workspaces, and create network zones. Moreover, saving money to land realistically ensures various operations for diverse companies.

Your 3D Avatar

You might have seen or heard about 3D avatars lately. The metaverse identity of a person is known as a 3D avatar in the virtual world. People can get a great new avatar of their own from just a selfie. Popular app Snapchat uses this technology to build your 3D Bitmojis. In the metaverse economy, Snapchat users can craft themselves in new, digitized ways that reflect their personalities. The world merges with the Metaverse, and avatars have become more important than ourselves. Museums have been responding to the need to give “in-home” experiences to history connoisseurs and art enthusiasts. At the same time, about $5.8 million per week has already been spent on digitized versions of physical artworks.

New Business Opportunities

We are all experiencing the changing world, thanks to the popularity of 3D NFT Assets, AR technology, and the Metaverse. Companies are now creating digital assets with strong values similar to regular real-life investments. For example, many platforms have started selling virtual parcels of land made by metaverse architects so people can own and build upon them. As a result, a high surge in the digital real estate field was seen. This significant demand for meta-architectural firms provides new business opportunities for metaverse architects to participate and design in this new digital world. 

Build Virtual Playgrounds

Many games have provided a virtual reality experience for over a decade! But the metaverse gaming experience is on another level. These platforms allow people to buy land in the Metaverse to build, explore, and play simultaneously. User has to connect their wallet to such gaming platforms, and they can also play as guests there. The gaming era is continuously evolving with the innovations of metaverse architects. 

Invest in Tokens, NFTs, and Virtual Lands

Even if you are an entertainer, artist, or investor, you can build your unique space in the Metaverse. It is undoubtedly an excellent selling ground for newly budding or experienced artists via NFT tokens, allowing them to build concert halls, auditoriums, and full-fledged stadiums. Metaverse architects make this via virtual land investments. There are many examples of virtual land-bought property in the Metaverse. Still, the most recent one is GDA Plaza Estate, where Decentraland, The Sandbox, and Axie Infinity sell virtual land. 

Brands & Marketing

Brands like Nike, Vans, and Hyundai have taken a quick ride to join the metaverse gallery. This is done to engage the audience in a fun, engaging, and interactive way. These virtual events are lined up for everyone to access from anywhere. Businesses willing to try something unconventional but creative can put effort into finding the right metaverse architects. The Metaverse is a platform to explore both the virtual and physical worlds!

Ready To Jump Into The Rabbit Hole?

While the world has seen the rise of Metaverse and AR technology, the world has also seen the rise of metaverse architects. The metaverse architecture brings us closer to our work requirements and entertainment fetishes. Businesses from different industries are stepping towards the Metaverse as its impact on our human side is difficult to avoid.

However, the Metaverse is still a very new concept for many new companies. When these companies start expanding, the severe lack of talent will force them to hire metaverse architects. Eventually, it would be a real career experience in a few years. The full-fledged potential of the Metaverse is yet to be seen. Keep in touch with our blogs to witness the architectural evolution ahead.

Building Metaverses; Future of the Virtual World

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