ARize Prepares for 3D NFT Marketplace Launch at The End of Q2

ARize Prepares for 3D NFT Marketplace

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ARize is bringing a new phase to its ecosystem with the impending launch of its 3D/AR NFT Marketplace MVP.

The marketplace will launch with a selection of collections and partnerships. Some of these are to be announced closer to the time. The first iteration of the MVP will see NFTs being launched on Binance Chain. NFT Minting will soon follow, with Binance chain, Ethereum Chain & Polygon, in Q3.

One of the partnerships that will kick off the marketplace’s launch is ARize’s long-awaited NFT Gallery project. So, the project sees the company partner with famed artist Mark Mallia to create a world-first virtual gallery that allows marketplace users to invest in NFT art created by Mallia and a selection of creative artists hand-picked by Mallia himself. Art buyers will also receive a physical copy of any of these unique NFT pieces they purchase.

ARize Platform

ARize has also stated that various features will be introduced across the platform. Further, down the line, ensure that users continue to enjoy the ultimate experience.

Through the marketplace, users will be able to stake ARZ tokens. The more significant the stake, the higher the tier, giving access to various perks and benefits depending on your tier.

They are a staking page where users can stake their tokens and earn different APYs depending on their selected pool.

There will also be an opportunity to view and buy either individual NFT pieces or whole collections, with complete information about the pieces, the creators, and their history.

Thomas Mahoney, COO of ARize, spoke of the excitement surrounding the launch:

“We have been building towards this for many months, ensuring that we create a marketplace that gives users a platform to access and purchase exciting and innovative art easily and ensures creators can showcase their work to a broad audience and be fairly compensated for their creations.

We also have several exciting projects and partnerships. Starting with the Mark Mallia NFT gallery, we’re excited to see what comes next! “

ARize Prepares for 3D NFT Marketplace

About ARize

Founded in 2018, ARize is an industry leader in the 3D and AR industries. Their mission is changing e-commerce, blockchain technology, and metaverse places by placing power in the hands of the creators. ARize is on a mission to bring 3D and AR capabilities to everyone, supercharging the visual experience it brings.


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