Metaverse Momentum: ARize Q1 Achievements, Q2 Enthusiasm in Augmented Reality and 3D Content Creation

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ARize Q1 Achievements, Q2 Enthusiasm in Augmented Reality and 3D Content Creation

As we enter the second quarter of 2023, the ARize team is thrilled to share our latest progress—and upcoming plans with our ever-expanding community. As a leading blockchain startup specializing in AR, 3D & AR solutions, we’re continually pushing the boundaries of innovation, and this year is no exception. This Q1 round-up will recap our recent accomplishments and provide a sneak peek into our exciting Q2 plans.

Q1 2023: Achievements and Developments

🚀 New Client Onboarding

Our mission is to transform how businesses interact with AR technology and integrate it into their operations. Firstly, we proudly announce that we have onboarded several new clients, each with a unique industry presence. Among our new partners are a leading eyewear manufacturer Naos Optics, a custom LED neon sign maker Yellowpop, and an online outlet for home and living products, Naduvi. These organizations and many others are eager to join the ARize party and explore the limitless possibilities of AR integration. Our clients’ diversity demonstrates our platform’s versatility and adaptability. And our commitment to offering tailored solutions catering to each industry’s needs.

The wide-ranging clientele we serve highlights the versatility and adaptability of our platform as well as our dedication to providing customized solutions that address the unique needs of each industry. Naos Optics is capitalizing on AR technology to enrich the shopping experience by allowing customers to virtually see the details of their products. At the same time, Yellowpop uses AR to help customers visualize their custom LED neon signs in their desired spaces. Similarly, Naduvi leverages AR to create immersive shopping experiences for home and living products. Our collaborations extend to other sectors, such as education and healthcare, where AR creates engaging learning environments and innovative medical training and patient education solutions.

We look forward to sharing more details and success stories as these partnerships evolve and contribute to the growing impact of AR across various industries.

📊 ARize 3D Asset Store: Market Research and Asset Curation

A vital component of our AR platform is the upcoming ARize 3D Asset Store. This quarter, we conducted extensive market research and curated diverse assets to ensure a high-quality store that caters to a broad range of industries. Our methodology involved leveraging our vast network of 3D artists and creators, whose input has been invaluable in shaping the store’s offerings. We have always aimed to put creators in control of the content, and our research focused on understanding their needs and the current market landscape.

By assessing 3D creators’ alternatives today and recognizing the need for a fair and profitable environment, we have been working diligently to create a platform that empowers creators while providing a diverse range of high-quality assets. From furniture and home decor to vehicles and industrial equipment. ARize 3D Asset Store aims to provide access to qualified creators and their content, fostering a dynamic and thriving marketplace for AR assets.

👨‍💻 ARize XR Viewer API Development

In Q1, we completed the development of our ARize XR Viewer API, which will soon be open to the public. This groundbreaking API allows developers to create immersive AR experiences without coding requirements. The ARize XR Viewer API offers seamless integration, compatibility with iOS and Android devices, 3D models and animation support, and real-time updates and analytics.

Our API was born out of necessity, as we identified the need for a configurator that met our client’s requirements. We found that existing solutions in the market needed the characteristics we sought, such as speed, ease of use, and high-quality 3D rendering without straining hardware resources. As a result, we developed the ARize XR Viewer API to address these gaps and provide a unique, tailored solution.

Not only our user-friendly API empowers even novice developers to create captivating AR experiences, democratizing the AR development process but also setting itself apart from competing solutions in the market.

💻 Self-Service E-Commerce Platform Testing

We understand the potential of AR in revolutionizing the e-commerce landscape, and we’re currently in the testing phase of our self-service e-commerce platform. This cutting-edge platform enables businesses to create AR experiences for their products, boosting engagement and driving sales. With our easy-to-use interface, businesses can effortlessly incorporate AR technology into their marketing strategies, elevating the customer experience and setting themselves apart from the competition.

We are happy that our current clients and around 800 other firms are participating in the testing phase. The estimated launch for the self-service e-commerce platform is by the end of April, which will further expand the potential and accessibility of AR technology to a wide range of industries.

Q2 2023: Exciting Plans Ahead

🎨 ARize 3D Asset Store Launch

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the first version of our ARize 3D Asset Store in Q2. This store will feature an extensive range of 3D assets, including furniture, home decor, vehicles, and industrial equipment. Our community of talented creators has been hard at work developing these assets. So we can’t wait to unveil their masterpieces.

🎉 ARZ Token Staking and Spending

To access and purchase 3D assets, businesses must stake and spend ARZ tokens, our native cryptocurrency. On one hand, staking rewards may include discounts on asset purchases or priority access to new content. On the other hand, creators can receive increased royalties or promotional opportunities for their content. This token-based economy incentivizes participation and fosters a vibrant ecosystem within our platform.

🌟 Curated Collection of High-Quality Content

At ARize, we are committed to offering only the best AR assets. Our 3D Asset Store will feature a curated collection of high-quality content from qualified creators. We handpick innovative assets and maintain quality control for an unparalleled user experience.

🎨 ARZ Token Royalties for Creators

We believe in rewarding the hard work and creativity of our talented creators. As part of our commitment to nurturing a thriving creative community, creators will earn ARZ tokens as royalties for their content. Therefore, this royalty system ensures that creators are fairly compensated for their contributions to the ARize ecosystem, incentivizing continued innovation and excellence.

🌟 ARize 3D Hub: The Future of Interactive Content

As we progress through Q2, we’re also finalizing our concept for the ARize 3D Hub, a virtual world boasting triple-A quality. Where businesses, creators, and game developers can publish their interactive content. The 3D Hub provides a one-stop shop for all 3D needs. Users can create, share, and monetize content while offering powerful asset management tools.

The ARize 3D Hub will redefine how users engage with digital content, immersing them in a captivating virtual world of limitless possibilities. Our platform differentiates itself by targeting a combination of virtual worlds, asset stores, and eventually 3D NFTs, depending on various factors later in our development cycle. The ARize 3D Hub is designed to be a haven for 3D creators, incorporating our AI magic. Most significantly, the 3D Hub is built with quality, speed, ease of use, and creator safety in mind.

From businesses showcasing their latest products in interactive showrooms to game developers unveiling new gaming experiences. The 3D Hub will bring together creators and consumers unprecedentedly, offering an unparalleled experience in the virtual world.

🚀 ARize: A Glimpse into the Future

Join us as we explore AR and blockchain technology together. Our Q2 plans represent a significant milestone in our quest to revolutionize the AR landscape. We’re eager to share our innovations with the world.

Furthermore, we are proud to report that we have a growing number of companies in our network and are actively working on recruiting creators for the ARize platform. As well as we’re developing a bounty program. That will engage our community to help gather and tag 3D data for our 3D Asset Store and elements of our AI magic.

Get ready to enter the world of AR and experience something truly out of this world! Moreover, stay tuned for updates as we break new ground in AR and blockchain technology.


Finally, in just the first quarter of 2023, ARize has made significant strides in advancing the 3D, AR, and VR industries, from onboarding prominent new clients to developing our groundbreaking ARize XR Viewer API. Also, we have laid a solid foundation for an even more exciting Q2. Additionally, we anticipate launching the ARize 3D Asset Store. Also, introduce ARZ token staking and royalties and unveil the ARize 3D Hub. We’re more committed than ever to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in augmented reality and blockchain.

Lastly, thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm. Together, let’s ARize to new heights!

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