Getting Started


We are always on a mission to improve and over deliver.

Table of Contents

Q1 2023

  • Onboarding more and more businesses for our 3D solutions.
  • Version 1 XR Viewer JS Library (A tool for any website to integrate a 3D viewer of their product into their website)

Q2 2023

  • Launch of ARize asset store
  • New Staking and staking perks to use the asset store
  • Version 2 XR Viewer JS Library (Adding support for interactive metaverses in real-time and in VR)
  • ARize the Self-service XR platform to create and share 3D, AR, and VR content.

Q3 2023

  • Minting 3D NFT assets
  • Expand ARize Asset store to 1000 content
  • Metaverse Templates (being used with the ARZ token)

Q4 2023

  • ARZ 3D Royalty
  • ARZ reputation and gamification on the XR platform