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ARize Partner Program

Welcome to the ARize partnership program.
Here at ARize, we have designed a partner program for marketing agencies to make AR adoption easier, scalable and affordable.
In order to achieve one ultimate goal, Making AR more accessible on a unified platform.  

Why ARize should be your AR partner:

From day one, we have designed and developed ARize platform to be easy for AR publishing and creation, and at the same time providing a seamless experience to the end-users. Based on the experience we gained throughout the past years with different partners and clients, we have carefully tailored ARize to provide  

Seamless integration with deep-linking in email campaigns, webshops (e.x Shopify), social networks.

Access to a group of professionals (ARize creators community) for 2D/3D content creation compatible with AR

Publishing your AR campaign/product for customers in just hours, not weeks. 

Receiving insights and statistics on every AR post published on ARize, so you can always improve and update your posts.

No Need to create a standalone app!

Using ARize, you just focus on the content for your client promoting a product or service.
Just like when you are creating a campaign, you are not creating the technology but just creating contents using different tools provided, ARize is doing the same and provides you with a tool with which you can publish AR quickly without all the extra costs of creating a new app, maintaining it, etc.  

ARize Platform vs. White-label Apps

Features ARize White-label App
CostStarts from €99Starts from €10,000
DeveloperNO Developer NeededDeveloper Needed 
Hidden CostsNo Hidden CostsMaintenace Costs
Content Creators Community
Real-time Update
Real-time Analytics
Existing User-base

20% kickback fee 

ARize partner program offers a 20% kickback fee on every client that our partners will bring to ARize for 12 months from any payment that the client makes to ARize.

Our Partners

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Any questions? ideas? Or you want to become one of
our partners to bring AR to your customers? 

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