AR creation is easier with ARize mentors


The implementation of AR technology is becoming more and more popular especially among digital artists and creators. Thanks to AR technology, digital artists and creators now have the opportunity to view and showcase their creations in the real environment.

But how all these processes are done?

ARize AR platform initiates a new program called ‘ARize mentors’ which aims to discover, fasten and make easier the AR creation process for those digital artists/creators who want to bring their artworks/creations to life & experience them in the real environment. As ARize AR platform gives an opportunity to integrate your content directly from Sketchfab and Google Poly, we found out that this option is highly required among all digital creators. And to make it available to everyone, we granted some of our Community members (who have deep knowledge of how to create AR on ARize platform) to become mentors for newcomer digital creators. With this initiative we are trying to make our platform more user-friendly and more ‘digital artist-oriented’ so the creators can easily bring their creations to the real environment, experience it and share with others.

how to create AR post

So what can newcomer digital creators expect from ARize mentors?

Their main responsibilities are

  • to make proper creation tutorials. for different AR types and share with them
  • to answer the questions of new creators related to the topic
  • to supervise the newcomers during the creation process

How you can reach out to our mentors and get support from them?

We have created a special group in Telegram where our mentors will be available for newcomer creators and will answer their questions. Also, you can reach them in Telegram individually. Our mentors are Holliday Horton and Miguelangelo Rosario.