Augmented Reality in Art


Museums and galleries are often considered to be the best places for pleasure and self-improvement. However, the frequency of visits to such kind of places, especially by youngsters, decreases day by day. As the world changes rapidly, high technology is advancing faster than ever. It starts to become an integral part of modern civilization, making people to be integrated into and correspond to it. Because of this evolution, people tend to spend their spare time interacting more and more with these modern technologies, making a visit to a museum or gallery less wanted.

The ARize Augmented Reality platform has a new and creative solution to this problem: to combine the innovative technology of Augmented Reality with physical artworks in order to give them a new birth… We present a universal Augmented Reality platform called ARize. Augmented Reality is an innovative and nowadays very popular technology, which is widely used in various spheres such as education, architecture, tourism, marketing and of course art.

How to combine AR with artworks?

ARize allows users to add a virtual object to a real environment in only a few simple steps. In this example, we apply AR-technology on posters and paintings, bringing them to live. At first sight, this combination may seem unreal. However, the technology offers enormous potential to different museums and galleries around the world and has proven to be successful already.

By our latest collaboration with the municipality of Zoetermeer in the Netherlands, it has been proven that AR and art is a perfect combination. During an exhibition at the renewed town hall in Zoetermeer, ARize brought artworks to life, using its Augmented Reality Technology.

Visitors scanned the paintings with their mobile devices, allowing them to have a completely new experience with art. The characters, objects, and details on each painting were brought to live by applying different 2D and 3D approaches to each painting. Consequently, the reviews of surprised and excited visitors are a good indicator that this combination can add value to museums and galleries by adapting to modern developments, giving them a fresh breath of air and increasing the number of visitors.

Main objectives of ARize

In addition, the ARize Augmented Reality Platform can be applied to sculptures or other types of art. By adding additional digital information in audio, video or text to the artwork, the application is an all-round feature that can add value in different forms at the same time.

    ARize enables galleries to...
  • Make the exhibition of different artworks more interesting and attractive;
  • Give visitors an unforgettable AR-experience;
  • Show modern creativity applied to older forms of art;
  • Increase the frequency of visits to galleries and museums to be distinguished among all galleries and museums.
We help you to bring augmented reality to your gallery, museum or artwork. Interested?