Augmented Reality in Marketing


Who we are

ARize is a universal augmented reality platform which allows to add and see any kind of digital content in real environment.

What is AR

Augmented reality (AR), best characterised as a real-time blending of virtual objects into real- world settings, currently it is widely used in various spheres and Marketing is one of them. It allows a new level of convenience, speed and can leave a lasting brand impression

    Augmented reality can be used dor various reasons such as for:

  • Enhancing brand recognition
  • Creating wow effect
  • Increasing interaction between customer and product
  • Personalising the consumers’ purchasing experience

    Where it can be used

  • Outdoor advertising campaigns (Kinect/Phone)

    In public places AR can be used as the most attractive advertising method. Almost no one will pass by AR sticker or big screen without experiencing it.

  • Packaging (interactive games)

    Packaging plays an important role in production as it the first impression that consumer gains from the product. AR can be implemented in packaging as a useful and entertaining solution. Useful information can be shown right on the product via AR, or it can allow to built and play interactive games right on your the package.

  • Posters/magazines

    Unlike printed ads which users could only see; users can interact with AR ads which builds an emotional connect as users gets personally involved with the campaign. AR is a perfect tool to bring printed materials to life and provide even more than just a video. With AR it is possible to put videos, audios and even 2D/3D animations which are really existing.

  • Try-on campaigns

    Another benefit is a possibility of virtual try-ons. Your consumers can try on many different items with AR: glasses, shoes, clothing, jewelry, watches, without leaving their homes. This makes AR ads a powerful tool for driving sales and increasing revenue, especially, at the age of e-commerce.

Customers expectations ( , 2018)

63% of customers are sure that augmented reality may buff their shopping experience. 35% says that they would likely go shopping online more if there would be possibility to virtually try stuff before buying it. 22% would be less likely to visit traditional retail stores if AR would be available in online stores.

According to (28 Jul, 2017) Approximately 40% of consumers would be willing to spend more on a product if it offered an augmented reality experience.