The artworks of Berlin's first VR art challenge: Off the Wall were coming to life with ARize

Virtual reality

On 18th of January in the VR Lounge Berlin first of its kind competition Berlin's first VR art challenge: Off the Wall took place. It was a unique event where talented artists were competing with their VR and AR artworks. All the artworks where showcased with Arize augmented reality platform.

The kickoff event was in September 2018. In the VR Lounge Berlin, an experienced VR art coach introduced all the necessary tools for AR and VR artworks creation to well-known Berlin Street Artists.

The main mission of the event was to bring the urban art to a new level with AR and VR technologies. This opened a new chapter in Berlin's art history. "Off the Wall" was organized by Creators get Grover and VR artist Miguelangelo Rosario to show how much creativity can be unleashed by this new medium in urban art.

The role of ARize platform in this competition was to back up the event with AR technology and provide the support, which organizers and artists were looking for, to bring their Digital artworks to life in real world and environment. This was a great example how the barriers can be broken by using AR to connect Digital and physical artworks.