Augmenting digital artworks with ARize


"Deep Sea Dream" created by Miguelangelo Rosario

For all times artists try to express their unlimited imagination in various creative ways. As a fact today augmented reality is one of those most popular and worthy technologies that artists combine with their artworks. Nowadays artists are experimenting with AR technology to highlight their art— moving from the physical to the digital, from digital to the augment and ARize as a community driven AR platform, welcomes every type of digital artists to experiment their artworks in AR/VR mode.

It opens up a big opportunity for all digital artists to show off their artworks in an affordable way.

"Tilt-Bot Groove" created by Miguelangelo Rosario

ARize as a new and immersive AR platform is capable to support every type of digital creation. Any kind of 2D/3D animation with any type of brushes and effects can be integrated into ARize platform and smoothly delivered to the recipients. No special devices are required for delivering the digital artworks to the audience,simply because ARize is an all in one AR platform that can be implemented for launching art exhibitions whenever and wherever you wish, without any expenses.

Some talented and famous digital artists have already successfully implemented ARize platform for showing off their creative artworks and gained awesome feedbacks from the audience.

"Ice Cream Truck 3D" created by Olga Nabatova

Want to bring your artworks to life with ARize augmented reality platform?