Augmented Reality For Engineering


Nowadays, everything that we are interacting with around our self’s is connected to engineering. From a toothbrush that we use to a smartphone that covers most part of our communication in our personal or professional life.

We from ARize have a great solution for visualizing your project. Using a simple smartphone and Augmented Reality technology you are able to visualize your engineered product faster, easier and a lot cheaper. Although AR is a great technology for visualizing and simplifying the process, there is one problem; making a AR-app is expensive and time consuming. The ARize AR-platform will give you the ability to visualize your product, fast and easy. Now, you just can focus on the development of your project and when needed visualize it through our platform.


When you are an engineer and you want to build something (again no difference between a toothbrush or a complex electronic system) there is always a point that you need to visualize your work. This visualization process can happen in different stages of your project. Each time you make a small change to your design, the visualization cycle needs to start all over again, which is usually time and money consuming. In other cases, you have to consume some material in order to have a physical version of your product.

Our platform is not limited to just the visualisation of a product, using our platform allows your technician to be educated by augmenting a user manual on your actual product. This will decrease your maintenance cost and give a new way for your target market to interact with your device. We are convinced about this solution. Try it out and convince yourself.