ARize as a part of Re-engineering humanity exhibition


All of us know that art has no limits especially the contemporary one. Nowadays when we talk about contemporary art we consider the innovative technological solutions as a part of it and the Augmented Reality is a vivid example.

On March 28th Re-Engineering Humanity exhibition started at @836M Gallery, San Francisco which will be continued till May 17th. The exhibition aims to lay bare the silent messages of social engineering by extracting our interpretations, perceptions, and beliefs of embedded systems of control; augmented reality as a new form of communication; shifting cultural norms; and narcissistic approaches to reality due to constant engagement with social media.

Various digital artists are participating in the exhibition and showing off their interpretations of the social engineering that organizes human thought. Marjan Moghaddam is one of the marvelous digital artists who presented her artwork in AR mode, using our ARize platform. The animated version of Glitched Goddesses steps out and goes through all her body iterations set to a voiceover of women sharing about their bodies & inequality.

Here is a short video from the art show.

Thank you to everyone who came out last. What an amazing opening. And a big thanks to the women in tech who showed up in force, such a pleasure to meet all of you ❤!!! There she is #Glitchgoddess print & the animated version of her I did, which steps out and goes through all her body iterations set to voiceover of women sharing about their bodies & inequality, as an AR app on ARize platform for Android & iOS. Thanks to @PheOnixRuachShaddai for curating one of the best digital art shows I've ever been in, and a big thanks to everyone at @836m Gallery in San Francisco. Ca. for their vision and dedication to imagining a better world through all of their cultural efforts. Also a big <3 to all of the other artists for helping make #ReEngineering humanity so Awesome!!! Also big thanks to all the voice artists for the narration on the app Diana Berry Music @lesliesweets & @shawnaMoghaddam

Posted by Marjan Moghaddam Studio on Friday, March 29, 2019
Glitch Goddess by Marjan Moghaddam