Bring your Google Poly and Sketchfab content into ARize for free


With the growth of Augmented and Virtual reality technology, the scope of 3D content’s implementation became wider than it used to be. Now, searching and discovering various 3D objects are not enough for their absolute and efficient implementation, that’s why AR and VR seem to become an integral part for 3D platforms such as, Google Poly and Sketchfab.

3D content creators mostly use Google Poly and Sketchfab as a platform for showing off their 3D creations but when it comes to using them in AR or VR mode people just don't know from where to start.

ARize platform is the best and the first easy to use AR platform which is able to integrate digital contents from Google Poly and Sketchfab with the exact same textures, effects, animation, sounds etc., and make them available even in ‘Fusion Mode’, e.g. (after scanning the trigger of 3D content, it can be used apart from its trigger with the desired size and in the desired environment).

Gold fish created by Olga Nabatova

As a fact in Google Poly and Sketchfab, one can find 3D objects related to diverse spheres, like: Architecture, Art, Food, Nature, Animals, Furniture, Cars, Characters, etc. and the core value of ARize AR platform is that it’s an open platform for every type of content and is not focused on a particular aspect only. It is applicable not only for digital artists but also for other 3D modelers who want to use their creations in AR/VR mode for their projects, presentations, exhibitions, business or other purposes, without having any deep technical background.

Another big advantage of ARize platform is that its free of charge for everyone who wants to experience 3D objects in AR/VR mode.

So, if you are an enthusiastic 3D content creator, no matter in which field, you can use ARize platform to show off your 3D creations in AR and VR mode, without having any suspense that they will be delivered to the recipient smoothly and properly.

Gold fish created by Olga Nabatova

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