How to create AR post for free


As we’ve already announced, the ARize AR Platform is free, so everyone can easily create their own AR posts without any fee. It can be used in various cases and fields, such as education, marketing, art, architecture etc., but the cool part is that it can be used even just for fun.

This short informative blog post is for those who like the idea of AR but don't know how to create their own ones. The good news is that there is no need to have any technical background in order to create your own AR posts, simply because ARize platform did everything to make it easier for you.

For instance, let's take a business card on which you can put more info about yourself or your company. Here are the easy steps that you should take.

1. Download the ARize app (available on Android and iOS) and create an account by signing up with email or Facebook

Instructions to ARize

2. Touch the Camera icon and tap the AR+ button and Click the "Tap to start" button.

Instructions to ARize

3. Choose the type of the AR content

4. Input the post name (mandatory) and description (optional)

5. Paste the link (YouTube link or a direct URL) / choose the video (from gallery or camera)

5.1 Check the "This is a chromakey video" checkbox, if your video has a pure green background which you want to be removed while streaming

Instructions to ARize

6. Take a picture from your Trigger Image, or choose it from your gallery, you can crop it if needed and click "Done" button

Instructions to ARize

7. Here you are, it’s ready. Just press ok and go back to AR camera to scan the trigger image. For viewing the AR content no login is required.

Instructions to ARize

In case your content is a 3D model from Tilt Brush, Sketchfab, Google Poly or your own created one, and you are experiencing some difficulties while creating an AR with the mobile app you can use our special page for Creators.