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Recently ARize AR platform came up with an amazing idea to develop a community where every type of content creator, digital artist, 3D/2D modeler, animator etc. can have their portfolios in AR mode for free.

If you ask what are the benefits of joining our CC Community the answer will be much attractive. As a fact digital content creators have less opportunity for presenting their creations in public places, besides, it requires high expenses and lots of efforts.

OOOPS! created by Miguelangelo Rosario

ARize gives a perfect opportunity to digital artists to use their creations in AR mode with the exact same quality, effects, and texture and demonstrate them in a proper way.

Another good benefit is that by becoming a CC member you are becoming a part of ARize platform in term of cooperations. Along with augmented reality service, ARize’s other objective is to provide good content. And here is the main role of CC Community because our client is your client. We help you to be more reachable for your target audience. Also, it has to be mentioned that ARize widens its scopes of functionality for artists who are working with various tools, like Tilt Brush, and integrates absolutely everything from Google Poly and Sketchfab into ARize platform.

So, you can show off your creations in a real environment just using a trigger image and a phone. Everything is easy and fast. All you need is to focus on your content and once it’s ready just send it to us, we handle the rest.

OOOPS! created by Miguelangelo Rosario

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