Museum Night in Yerevan with Triple-E

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Museum Night, Augmented Reality

On May 18th, the whole world was celebrating the International day of Museums, which was followed by the next day’s event called ‘‘Museum Night’’. This year, the event was covering the ideas of ‘‘Interactive Museums, New approaches, New society’’. Triple-E also participated in the event, cooperating with Matenadaran and the Museum of Literature and Art named after E. Charents

In Matenadaran is available the animation of Triumphal Entry to Jerusalem (Vaspurakan Gospel) , which can be watched via Triple-E AR app right on the Gospel’s miniature. The main idea of the animation is to transfer the message behind the miniature in a most proper way.

ayb school

In the Museum of Literature and Art named after E. Charents, Triple-E ‘‘brought to life’’ the old posters of Armenian movies, spectacles, operas and cartoons. With the help of Triple-E AR app one can scan any poster of movie, spectacle, opera or cartoon and watch the most famous scene of each one.

This idea was welcomed by the visitors as well as by the staff of the museums and collected only positive feedbacks.

Bellow you can find the feedbacks of the representatives of museums, concerning our cooperation.

‘‘Within the framework of the ‘‘Museum Night’’ project, Triple-E AR platform provided an opportunity to visitors of Matenadaran, to watch an interesting animation, which created a big interest especially among students. Besides just looking at miniature, the visitors had an opportunity to watch the animated version of it, by holding their phones on the book. This new approach aims to deliver the right idea and meaning of the miniature that the author tried to. Currently, the animation of Triumphal Entry to Jerusalem (Vaspurakan Gospel) is available in Matenadaran, which is possible to watch with Triple-E AR application’’, - says the editor of Matenadaran’s website, Aram Torosyan

ayb school

‘‘In the scope of International day of Museums, Triple-E AR company together with the Museum of Literature and Art named after E. Charents, came with an interesting idea of cooperation. The idea created a big interest mainly among the young visitors, making the exhibition process more interactive, thanks to the new technologies such as Triple-E Augmented Reality platform. This cooperation is expected to be continued by ‘ARising' new exhibitions’’,- says the responsible of Public Relations and Educational programs of the museum, Arusyak Ghazaryan.

P.S. The cooperation with museums is not limited only within the framework of the ‘‘Museum Night’’ project but is an ongoing one, so those who have’t managed to see and experience this new approach are welcomed to visit the museums listed above.