All the Tilt Brush effects in ARize


Not a secret that Tilt Brush is one of the most popular sculpting and painting tools among digital artists. It is also a very useful tool for 3D artists who can find and use any kind of brush effect to bring their digital creation as close to the real one as it’s possible.

Simultaneously, the technologies are developing very fast and VR artists experiment with their artworks in augmented reality as a new way to exhibit virtual art.

"Toronto" created by Olga Nabatova

Day by day the implementation of augmented reality technology by XR artists is enhancing, but not all the AR platforms are capable to integrate literally all brush effects, 3D objects, particles which have been created in the virtual environment. Even the sound reactor works with your music.

ARize supports all of the specific Tilt Brush effects such as electricity, neon, hyper color, rainbow etc. Even more, Arize is able to run the particle effects, such as bring stars, snowflakes and embers.

"Tilt-bot Groove" created by Miguelangelo Rosario

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