Arpine Matevosyan

What does the future have in store for us?

In the century of technological progress, no one can give a solid answer to this question, but we can somehow get prepared to face the new challenges. And one obvious thing about the future is that augmented reality is going to be an essential part of our life.

Augmented reality (AR) is one of the greatest technological achievements of the 21 century. It is the concept of an overlay of additional digital information over the real world environment in the form of 3D models. This additional information over the real world can be seen through different smart devices, such as a smartphone camera. Augmentation is happening conventionally in real-time and in semantic context with the elements of the environment.

With all of these technological progresses, the world is going to use smart glasses and gaggles instead of smartphones. Smart glasses and similar gadgets are inevitably accompanied by augmented reality. So AR is going to be one of the most necessary concepts of human social life.

Today, the augmented reality industry is providing some problem solving applications concerning interior design, architecture, education, navigation, videogames (e.g. a Pokémon go) etc.

Just for the record, AR had a massive jump in the market last year and by now the market value is almost at 15 billion dollars. Corporations which are developing the technology and the market of augmented reality are amongst others QUALCOMM, PTC technologies, Google and Microsoft.

Triple-e is to be the first social and interactive network based on augmented reality, where people can communicate with each other and with their environment by creating their own AR features over the real world.

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There are hundreds of augmented reality applications with specific usage which are too complicated to use. Triple-e is the platform which will combine all the features of AR and will be easy to use at the same time.

We are aiming to show people the different use cases of augmented reality in different situations of their lives. By understanding and accepting the concept and, above all, by using augmented reality, we can look forward to the technological future properly.