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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

ARize 3D Viewer API is a low code javascript library that allows developers to create a customized viewer for 3D assets on their website. It provides the capabilities to view, manipulate and view 3D assets in Augmented reality.

Using this API, you can build a product configurator with various capabilities.

ARize systems count the number of unique visitors that view 3D content. So, for example, if a user refreshes their page repeatedly, they still count as one user as long as they are on the same device, network, and browser.

You can have a certain amount of file uploads on the ARize platform, depending on your monthly plan. However, if you run out of uploads, you can still use your website’s ARize 3D viewer API and host the 3D assets on your storage; this option is available on all monthly plans.

Depending on your monthly plan, This is the number of 3D assets/ orders you can upload.

You can customize the look and feel of the 3D viewer to match your brand.

We dedicate a team member to managing your account for all inquiries for our enterprise clients.

We will support the implementation if your company uses any custom CMS or eCommerce backend system. Only available for Enterprise plan