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Charles & Ron

Charles & Ron is a high-end contemporary lifestyle brand that produces male and female clothes.
They have reached international status, with clients ranging from all over the world to hollywood personalities conducting personal fittings sessions in their boutique store in LA.

The product

3D & AR visual replication of an exclusive Charles & Ron collection that was showcased at the LA Fashion Week runway show in March 2022 was created by ARize. ARize and Charles & Ron will be working together to build an independent C&R meta-boutique store with specific utility for all their valued customers.

Problem statement


Charles & Ron wanted to tackle to following challenges to start off with: Reduce the number of returned items from their current webshop orders due to customers getting the wrong perception in terms of garment proportions and textures. Based on the way Charles & Ron design their products pushing on high contrasting colours and patterns, regular 2D flat imagery kills at least 60% of the attractiveness of their produced line. Lack of clarity on how and where to start from to include latest tech solutions and trends within the Charles & Ron brand.

The objective:

Design of an independent meta-boutique allowing customers to scroll around the shop from the comfort of their home, experiencing a whole new shopping journey whilst purchasing items they would have already viewed from every single angle, including texture, colours and production methods.


ARize springboarded Charles & Ron with a 3D & AR collection to present at their runway show at the LA Fashion Week 2022 allowing spectators, fans and followers to fully immerse themselves in their works in their preferred environments and in their own time.


This solution allows Charles & Ron to organise private fitting sessions in any retail boutique studio worldwide with famous profiles who cannot visit regular shops for obvious reasons, showcasing all pieces available and also back catalogue exclusive items simply by popping dresses and garments into the boutique using 3D & AR technology.


Through any device, whether handheld or desktop, and without having to install, download or add any software or apps, clients will now shop knowing precisely what they are to expect. This will:

  1. Manage customer’s expectations
  2. Increase sales through visualisation
  3. Increase customer options through 3D and AR tech
  4. Enhance and ease the customer experience and user journey
  5. Reduce returns through proportions screening prior to purchasing
  6. Rocket their marketing through AR & 3D generated content

Teams involved

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