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Duux brings clean and healthy air into your home with products that are true interior pieces. You can find their products in a wide range of fans, dehumidifiers, portable ACs, and air purifiers.

The product

ARize offered customers a new layer which allowed them to visualise the product precisely within their own environment which immediately rocketed the brand and its product approach through the use of our 3D & AR tech. 3D/AR prototypes of Duux fans and air purifiers that were added to their website are created by ARize.

Problem statement


Duux was facing numerous e-commerce challenges throughout 2021 as at times when products were purchased, shipped and delivered, the customer had lots of issues like not wanting to hold on to the product the size, colour, or some certain aspects of the design of the product wasn’t what they thought.

Core insight:

When customers purchased products via the online webshop, the products did not reach the client’s expectations from a colour grading perspective, also from a expected-design perspective as well as from a size and proportions perspective, which inturn resulted in Duux experiencing many product returns and a weaker volume of customer reviews.

The objective:

Duux requested ARize for professional assistance to boost and enhance their visual customer and shopping experiences.


ARize aided customers to visualise the product better within their preferred environment which immediately rocketed the brand sales and its product consumption approach through the use of our 3D & AR tech. Products are visually transposed within the customer’s environment to scale, which means that a user could understand how the product fits within their environment to scale, amongst existing furniture and interiors, their decor and their actual surroundings.


As a result Duux experienced less product returns, higher conversion rates, longer online sessions, less churn rates and an easy to promote material pack through 3D & AR generated content. Customers found our tech very easy to use, an attraction in its own right which makes them share the products within their own circles and social networks.

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