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Elho produces designer pots with nature in mind. Other than the unique design, they are made to last a lifetime, produced with wind energy, and most importantly, made of recycled plastic.

The product

ARize offered customers a new layer which allowed them to visualise the product precisely within their own environment which immediately rocketed the brand and its product approach through the use of our 3D & AR tech. 3D/AR prototypes of Elho flower pots, planters and planting accessories that were added to their website, are made by ARize.

Problem statement


Elho was facing e-commerce challenges before introducing ARize’s tech. Mainly the client and user experience was not meeting the visitor's expectations due to lack of visual perception.

Core insight:

Elho reached out to ARize to help them boost their visual customer and shopping experience. Clients would fall in love with the products they saw online but there was a missing ingredient that would convert the session into a sale. When clients considered a purchase via the online webshop, there wasn’t enough visualisation explaining the product.

The objective:

One must remember that 2D images do no justice to any product online. But with 3D models customers can clearly see the size and texture of the products and the materials used which makes the purchase process more attractive, converting into closed successful sessions.


Products are transposed within the customer’s environment to scale, which means that a user could understand how the product fits within their environment to scale with all the other furniture, decor and surroundings. ARize’s solution leaves nothing to chance and to the imagination of the customer. It will show them the product in full 3D and through AR it also allows them to see how it will fit into proportion.


As a result Elho experienced less product returns, higher conversion rates, longer online sessions, less churn rates and an easy to promote material pack through 3D & AR generated content. Customers found our tech very easy to use, an attraction in its own right which makes them share the products within their own circles and social networks.

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