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Mark Mallia

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Mark Mallia

Mark Mallia is a renowned Maltese artist who works with abstract and portrait paintings, and a variety of mixed media and ceramic sculptures. He is known for his flamboyant approach to art and his subject-diverse productions, some being very limited-edition pieces. Mark was the first artist to also be involved in artistic AI testing and experiments during international technology and AI expos and conferences, as he possesses a huge admiration for technology and has championed its introduction into the art world.

The product

We are offering Mark Mallia a platform through which he can sell affordable art, including several exclusive pieces. 3D/AR prototypes of all the pieces sit within in the Metaverse Art gallery and were carefully recreated by ARize using our tech.

Problem statement


Mark felt he was spending a lot of precious time speaking about the pieces he created with people in traditional galleries, and he felt it was difficult to give them all the time required to learn about the pieces before buying while dedicating enough time to creating new projects.
He is also known to be ahead of the curve when it comes to combining art with technology and he wanted to do just that and open up the art experience to people in a whole new way. However, he wasn’t sure of the right way to convert his vision into a reality.

Core insight:

Artists do have very specific times of inspiration in which they just want to produce art without being disturbed, which in turn allows them to deliver higher quality pieces.
Time spent tending to a gallery is often time away from the creative process, which can have negative effects on the artist

The objective:

He had this vision whereby he wanted to create a virtual gallery in which he can showcase not only his art but also the art of specific artists worldwide that he wanted to give a platform.
Making this art easy to view and purchase with just a handheld device is our goal.


Our partnership allowed Mark and a specific group of artists, hand-picked by Mark himself, to display their artworks within the virtual gallery.

The gallery allows people to browse all of the pieces from the comfort of any environment they wish. This Metaverse gallery makes the art accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world with a mobile phone.

Customers who purchase one of the works directly through the metaverse gallery will receive a real physical copy of the artwork along with a digital 1/1 version of the artwork as a 3D/AR NFT, bringing the art to the real world alongside the virtual world too.


Gallery visitors will be able to view pieces online and see what they would look like in their own environment thanks to our 3D/AR technology. This allows art enthusiasts to make an informed decision on which piece will best suit them. 

Purchasing art in the metaverse gallery gives the buyer not only the NFT scale reproduction of the artwork but also the physical piece itself. The NFT also carries utility, allowing clients to enter premium galleries, and benefit from other utility premiums and exclusive deals in the future.

Teams involved

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