ARize’s innovative 3D and AR technology

RevCap Get on Board with ARize

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Alternative investment company Revenue Capital has joined the growing number of companies investing in ARize’s innovative 3D and AR technology. The company provides the funds, services, and know-how to help build an ecosystem of projects that will improve the blockchain infrastructure. This partnership will benefit both companies immensely. ARize will provide RevCap with a deep dive into the metaverse ecosystem and expose them to technologies, trends, and companies from within their networks.

Conversely, RevCap will provide ARize with greater insight into tokenomics and blockchain development solutions.

“We look forward to our partnership with ARize, they have a fantastic team, a tried and tested product able to operate in the metaverse space and their current investment track record is very impressive.”

RevCap Get on Board with ARize

About ARize

Founded in 2018, ARize is an industry leader in the 3D and AR industries. Their mission is changing e-commerce, blockchain technology, and metaverse places by placing power in the hands of the creators. ARize is on a mission to bring 3D and AR capabilities to everyone, supercharging the visual experience it brings.


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