Seed Fundraising

Here at ARize we have gained wonderful and valuable experience from trough working with our first clients who have helped us to refine the vision towards our mission.
We are now starting our seed fundraising, in which our current investor, Crosspring B.V. will also take part.
With a tested technology ready, a skilled and ambitious team, and a lot of hard lessons learned, it is now time to boost our company to greater heights.

We are looking for syndicate- strategic investors

Based on our current position and needs we intend to find syndicate and strategic investors. As you can see below, the investment will be used for administration, technical development, marketing and growth 




Marketing and Growth


Technical Development

Our Road Map

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Even get some more data!

Download our pitch deck along with our financial projection to get a better view of what ARize is, and how we are going to use the fund in our future stages.


For questions, remarks, or just a digital cup of coffee, please write to us.
We are looking forward to discussing synergies!

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