What is A 3D Initial NFT Offering & What Are Its Benefits?

What is A 3D Initial NFT Offering & What Are Its Benefits?

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We’re getting closer to unveiling a unique 3D NFT Marketplace. As part of the launch, we’ll be including an Initial NFT Offering! This will be a special INO because it will be the first INO to offer participants 3D NFTs. We are making it a unique experience for anybody who participates.

What is an INO?

An Initial NFT Offering is a more ethical funding alternative to developing a decentralized peer-to-peer system than an ICO.

We want to put our users at the heart of everything we do. INO allows you to actively participate in our project development and how the marketplace evolves.

As the adoption of NFTs continues to boom, more and more enthusiasts are participating in the NFT market. INOs can benefit creators and investors.

When is it going to happen?

Our INO will take place at the end of October. It will be the first opportunity anybody will have to buy NFTs on our marketplace.

What are the benefits?

1- Accessibility

INOs are a lower entry barrier than other funding alternatives allowing more people the ability to buy in and benefit from the marketplace and its success.

2- Community

We want to promote a strong sense of community with our marketplace, bringing people together through a shared interest and collaborating on projects.

Being part of an INO puts you in a close circle with others who take part. Owning an NFT from an INO makes you a more active part of a community than holding a percentage of a fungible token supply.

3- Ownership

By participating in our INO, you will become the holder of a unique 3D NFT., the perfect way to start your 3D NFT collection!

Join us!

Make sure you join us at the end of October for your chance to be part of something great. Keep following us as we will reveal whom we partnered with for this INO and how many NFTs we will offer soon!

What is A 3D Initial NFT Offering & What Are Its Benefits?

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