How to export GLB assets from Blender – Part 1

Default setting to export


Hello, I am Mohammad, the 3ِD chief and interactive media officer at ARize Company.

Today, we want to check together how a 3D designer who uses Blender software can output the files for the ARize platform. First, we need to know that ARize supports GLB files. So, I will check how to export the GLB file in the Blender software.

   First of all, I open the blender software. By default, the scene in Blender has a box, a light, and a Camera, and I want to get GLB output from this box for testing. To do this, I select the export option from the file menu and then the GLTF 2 option. Here I make the address and file name. In the format section, I click on GLTF Binary and at the end I click on the export button.

All right. The desired file is saved in the Documents folder, so I can try it in the ARize Playground. It is very simple by dragging and dropping the file in the desired area in the opened window, you can see your 3D model in the browser. I hope you find this video useful. Thank you for watching this video.