How to export GLB assets from Maya – Part 2

How make and assign a PBR material to 3d objects for GLB files?


Hi again. I am Mohammad, the 3D chief and interactive media officer at ARize Company.

This video demonstrates how to materialize 3D assets in Maya software in order to export .glb files and present them on the ARize platform as well as what attributes those materials can have.

The material creation plugin for GLB files is shader fx. So, first, from the Windows menu, the setting/preferences and clicking on the plug-in manager will open the plug-in manager window. In this window, with Search Shader FX, you can make sure that this plugin is activated on your software. Otherwise, download, install and activate it.

Now I click the import option from the file menu and open a 3D model in Maya.

This helmet has two types of material. One for glass and one for other parts.

 I select all parts of the helmet except the glass and enter the attribute section. I put the material related to the main body on the Stingray PBS mode and name it MainBody.

For the glass part, I put the type of material on Blinn.

I can change the colour of the glass from this section, and to make the glass transparent, I select a Grayscale file from the map section in front of Transparency.

The darker it is, the more transparent glass will be.

Then apply it to the glass model. Also, for the main body part, I activate the desired features that include: Color Map, Normal Map, Roughness Map, and Ambient Occlusion.

In the texture section, I load the maps of each attribute. By pressing the 6 key, the applied materials will be displayed in the viewport.

You can increase or decrease the value of each attribute. 

For example, my desired roughness is 0.8, which I change from here.

Select all the objects and go to File Exporter from the Babylon menu.

I select GLB as the export type and specify the file storage address from this field.

I activate the KHR_texture_transform option and click on the export button.

Then I open my browser and go to the page. I find the file from the saved address and drag it into the relevant part.

I hope you find this video useful.