User Expectations 

The tech growth and modern life, hand in hand encourage people to use up-to-date technologies in all aspects of their lives. Online shopping has always been one of the peaks of modern life. Nowadays, 78% of customers expect AR integration on webshops. This number certainly is the most concrete reason for you to start using AR on your website.

Details Matter

If you put yourself in your customers’ shoes, you will figure that they really want to see specific details of the product they desire to buy. Users might get disappointed and return from your webshop if you do not provide enough visual details of your products. It has been proven that integrating AR on a website or webshop will decrease the return rate by 50%.

Ultimate Interaction

You are always the one who decides to bring ultimate interaction to your customers and you are the one who always seeks more customers. Then no time to waste! Let your customers interact deeply with their favorite products seamlessly and increase your website’s conversion rate by 30%.

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