Weekly Update AMA with Mark Mallia

Weekly Update from ARize Group: May 23-27

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And another perfect week full of fruitful events has passed!🎉

Our team would like to tell you more about this week’s highlights, deals closed, and $ARZ Token news to update you about ARize’s progress. 🚀

1. Product Updates

As was the norm for the last few weeks, development on the platform continues. Over this week, we have finalized the structure and plan for our NFT listing feature and now continue development from a blockchain side.

2. NFT Marketplace Updates

This week our community discovered the Dashboard!

The page shows your insights, earnings, and activity in numbers. You’ll find the information needed to analyze your NFT sales and interactions while getting high-level information on your staking, revenue, and royalties.

ARize NFT Marketplace is coming out soon. Not much time I was left to wait. Stay tuned!

3. ARZ Token Updates

And we have some updates regarding ARZ Staking Pools. Pool 2 is already 100% filled, but Pool 1 is still available. 30 days lock, 13.88% APY + 2.6% NFT Boost. Stake an ARZ token if you want access to exclusive events, unique perks, and benefits in the future. Pool 1 is only 61% filled. You can stake your ARZ via https://staking.arize.io/ 

4. Art & NFT Metaverse Gallery

This week we had an AMA with Mark Mallia where we met the artist himself, his inspiration & collaborators and learned how you could not only view the pieces in the Art&NFT Metaverse Gallery but, using ARize’s cutting-edge technology can, see what it would look like in their home before purchasing. We are giving away five access passes to the Metaverse gallery. You can win when signing up: https://arize.io/mark-mallia-metaverse-gallery/ 

Weekly Update from ARize Group: May 23-27

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Founded in 2018, ARize is an industry leader in the 3D and AR industries. Their mission is changing e-commerce, blockchain technology, and metaverse places by placing power in the hands of the creators. ARize is on a mission to bring 3D and AR capabilities to everyone, supercharging the visual experience it brings.


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